Welsh Corgi and... (shelter said chihuhua, but I don't think so)

Hey everyone. This is my dog Chase.  We know that one of his parents was a purebred Welsh Corgi, but we are having a heck of a time trying to figure out what the other half might be.  The shelter said he was half chihuahua, but he looks nothing like any of the chi mixes I've seen. He looks more like a rottweiler than anything, but I think he's too small to be a rott mix.  Any guesses?  He's next to my bassett hound, and they're about the same size.



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Maybe a real small rottie? There are so many different black and tan dogs it's hard to say. You might look on Dogster at the Black and Tan group (my black and tan pointer mix is a member) and see if any of them look familiar.
Manchester Terrier? Or maybe a Rat Terrier (see last photo on this page: http://www.best-dog-photos.com/Terrier.html)? Just guesses. I'm still trying to figure out our little mix!
No way the other half is Chi. Maybe the other half is a mix which would make it more difficult. So cute though!
I totally think he is rottie!!! You could almost say Doberman because how patite he is. But then his face is wry thick like a rottie an his jaw is very pronounced like a rottie!!! And he may be small but it doesn't matter what the dog is mixed with it can take after one side... I have a corgi lab and she definitely took over the corgi size!!! Chase is the cutest dog!


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