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Sometimes our mistakes are better than our plans. Here's one I like, wherein Gwynnie meets the Faerie of the Mountain Forest:

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Penny in a sun spot.

The wily Pembroke Welsh Marmot lurks in ambush for the unwary.

Looks like the Big Bad Corgi Wolf wanting to see what Red Riding Hood has in her basket......
Uh, Al, don't you think you're sort of spoiling the ambience?
Take two...."

Looks like the famous (or unfamous) Corgi reenactment of "Call of the Wild"
It's "The Sound of Music" corgi!
@ JanRich - HAHAHA. Perfect. The Sound of Music corgi. You'd be great with the weekly New Yorker magazine contest where they supply a cartoon and readers send in captions.
Ah the old rainbow werewolf coupling.
Ein decided to steal my camera and take pictures of himself while I wasn't looking:

Wasn't quick enough to get it framed right, but this was lucky.
Ew, I wasn't trimming her claws well back then...

Brian's ears started to glow...I knew those over sized corgi ears did something special!

The glow is just the Corgi Mind Control beam focused onto your brain by the parabolic ear reflectors.


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