Got a 360 for Christmas, have already got a few games for it, but looking for more fun than taking niko out on dates in liberty city. left 4 dead coop anyone?

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Rock Band is your friend :)
its fun, but crap! its like 200! i could buy another real guitar for that much!
My hubby and kids LOVE left for Dead!
dude, i just started playing it, its crazytown. lets play sometime!
Yeah, I'm into some coop. It would be nice since we really don't have anyone to play.
I believe I saw a picture of a corgi in one of the levels in left 4 dead. Has anyone noticed it?
I haven't seen it, but we haven't played it very much to get very far.
Here, I took a screenshot of it.

It certainly does look like a corgi. What safehouse is that in?
I know, right?

It's the starting safe house in Death toll, chapter 4
I had my son look at the pic and he's going to try to find it!
I'll keep a look out for it. We had to restart, so I don't think we're that far yet.


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