My Lilliput has taken sides in the Time Wars. I've known for a while
that she favors Klingons, but now this...

I brought out the Dahlek robot the other day. For the uninitiated, Dr. Who is a classic
British TV show. Dr. Who is a Time Lord, the good guy, traveling thru
time and space. The Dahleks wiped out (almost) all the Time Lords in the
Time Wars, and vice versa. Got it?

My Dahlek robot is a just over a foot tall, radio controlled, and it used to alarm Lilliput when
she was just a pup. But this time, she was not alarmed. When my son came
to visit, and we got it out, Lilli used the distraction as an
opportunity to bring in her Jolly Ball on rope, a toy she knows is only
allowed outside. When the Dahlek approached her, saying "Exterminate the
Doctor, the enemy of the Dahleks!", she pushed her ball toward it, and
politely stepped back, giving the robot a chance to play. She was
sharing her favorite toy! Or was offering to play with the robot, asking
him to push it back to her, as he did. Of course he did it while
yelling "You cannot destroy the Dahleks!"

It was so cute. My killer Corgi making nice with a killer robot.  It just warmed my mommy
heart to its core.

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That is epic!
Of course, I also recall a corgi seeming to be on the Doctor's side. When he and all his Children of Time (was that the phrase?) were steering the Tardis away from crashing into the palace, the queen in her robe and a corgi carried by a servant (of course) waved their gratitude to them. That was the 10th Doctor's last episode. Title, anyone? Any other corgis in that universe?
that gave me a much needed laugh and smile.


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