Well, I finally took the time to see "The Day the Earth Stood Still" today. Even though he is not considered to be a good actor, I love Keanu Reeve's work: Constantine, Speed, the Matrix, etc. I also love SciFi so I thought this movie would be a given.

It started off with promise, but IMO quickly fizzled. It came off to me as extremely preachy in the environmental area. Now, I'm just as willing to conserve and recycle as any of my fellow fruit and nut Southern Californians, but I felt I was hit over the head with a 100% organic canvas shopping bag filled with flourescent lights halfway though the movie.

Keanu was well cast as his character, Klaatu, is supposed to be this alien dude, but it was almost satirical. Jennifer Connoley was so-so and Will Smith's kid...well, I wanted to smack him a time or two.

There were more plot holes than in the baby swiss in my sandwich. I thought the special effects might have rescued the movie, but that also was disappointing.

The best part of the movie? The Previews! I got to see previews for Wolverine (X-Men - Origins), Race to Witch Mountain (Disney...those of you in my generation will remember the original Escape to Witch Mountain, a personal favorite of mine), and....best of all... Star Trek! I was so excited to see that preview on the big screen!!!!! Zachary Quinto as Spock...WOW. I so can't wait! Woo hoo, bring it on!

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I haven't seen it yet. I'm a little afraid to after my sister's succinct review: "Klaatu, Barada, Whoa."
I haven't seen the Star Trek trailer on the big screen, I'm jealous.
My next film in the geek queue is The Spirit, which looks like a hot mess, but might be entertaining. I thought about naming our newest corgi Sand, but she's totally a Starbuck!
Saw this on xmas. I thought it was okay. I had recently rented the old 1951 version, and it was fun to compare the two. I also like Keanu and knowing he isn't that good of an actor, I also agree that when he gets typecasted, he plays those roles really good. I thought he was great in Constantine (even though his character wasn't like the comic book) and good in the Matrix. However, he totally sucked in Dracula (no pun intended ;)

Back to the movie--I liked how they put elements of the old movie in the new movie (the chalkboard, the cemetary, etc.) And I like the mystique that it started with. However, the storyline got a little ridiculous as the movie progressed. And that kid was waaay annoying. I didn't mind the environmental message. In fact, I think it added a little more excitment (e.g. Klaatu's line about "the human race dies, the Earth survives" definately added foreboding). Compared to the original, I felt it wasn't any more preachy. However, the ending was wonky--it left me going, "Huh?"

Overall, again I thought it was mediocre -- good enough for a cheap ticket matinee :)
Yes you did, but I just had to see for myself! ;-)


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