2 more hours till release, anyone lining up tonight? 

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I'm out of town until October so I don't have my Xbox but I'll be on as soon as I get home! I played the beta, thought it was awesome! I love the jet pack and the new game modes! The large scale battles are going to be lots of fun too! I'm really wishing I would have brought my box with me :'(
Not lining up but going to go out and get it eventually
So we lined up for the game last night

The Microsoft Xbox team set up tent and give away prizes

I got an "energy sword"

So far so good, loving the game so far.

Finished the game in normal mode yesterday, I thought it was a good prequel to Halo 1, the story was not intense like the original trilogy, a tad bit better than ODST. The brute / Sangheili have better AI this time, but I thought it's easier than ODST. I may try to complete the game in legendary before jumping into firefight. My gamertag is SamuelTsang, feel free to add me :)


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