Does anyone on here play Wow? If so, what server do you play on and what is your characters name?
WOO! For the Horde!

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I play on Echo Isles:
Ochala-Tauren Warrior lvl 61
Tiffanyrose- Blood Elf Pally. lvl workin on her..

Ochala- Tauren Warrior lvl 76! (Almost there!)
Tiffanyrose- Blood Elf Pally lvl 32 (still workin on her)
I play on Garona and Stormreaver! For the horde!

Belatryx- 80 mage
Bella- 80 priest
Belamental- 80 shaman
Crucio - 80 dk
Imperio- 80 Paladin

Imperio- 77 priest

(I didn't level all the 80s, I inherited some!)
Wooow I was about to say, I thought I played too much! But thats awesome.

I normally play Horde but my family plays on Garona and they're all Alliance there. (Zyastra, draenei hunter, when I play which isn't much recently.)


Zyastra, troll hunter, Lightbringer is my primary.

Well I think this is the place for me to post. lol

Euthasol - Undead Priest 80
Delphinus - Tauren Druid 80
Tributame - Troll Death Knight 62
Nembutal - Orc Warlock 31
Enalapril - Blood Elf Paladin 16
Nesdonal - Blood Elf Mage 15
Somulose - Night Elf Hunter 2

Pleione - Draenei Warrior 64
Arianrhod - Dwarf Priest 40
Lirin - Human Rogue 21

Diazepam - Gnome Death Knight 58

Cortisol - Undead Priest 10

I know, lots to odds and ends. Many of the lower levels were made to level with guildies and friends on other servers but they kinda went to the back burner. I am an avid pet collector in world. I really think they need to add corgis (though kudos to Blizz for giving us Pugs for Pugs). This past summer we went to Blizzcon and Ashton came along with us. I made him a bandana with the word [ Corgi ] in orange since he is my Legendary non-combat pet. And of course we all know corgis are BoP! Needless to say he was a popular boy at the con. I even made a little pouch to hold his treats that looked like the Happy Pet Snacks you can buy from Breanni in Dal.

PST if you are ever on Magtheridon where I spend most of my in World time. I am always up for running randoms, doing achievements or helping level alts!

Geeze you have a lot of toons!!! No one playes on my server ! >_< And Ashton is freakin adorable!! Ive started to become a pet collector too. Do you have the core hound? I do wish they would make a corgi companion pet. I'd be all over that!
That's awesome. True veteran!

I'm on Undermine

I have a 76 Lock - Squeeki
And an 80 DK- Lossoth

I haven't been on in a while due to the puppy, but I'll be back someday!
AWW thats cute that he parks with happiness! Yea I can see where puppy training could get in the way of raiding! Could you imagine if that was RL?! HA! There have been may a time where I was in an instance and on vent and Ive screamed at meh pup cuz he decided to take a squat.... My party wasn't happy... :/
Wow, I dont kno how many times Ive said those same phrases... btw Toby is soo hansom! I love the one blue eye, one brown. I love that trait in dogs. Oh! and I see you live in Va Beach? I live in Norfolk.
I would love for meh pup to meet another corgi. He hasn't been around one since we brought him home in Dec. Igor could use some friends :D Maybe meet in a park. Ever been to Mt. Trashmore?


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