Aly attended "puppy playtime" at PETCO in Hampton on Saturday.  She had a blast bullying this "little" pit bull puppy.  I would love to see other corgi's there.  Do any of you attend or have any interest in attending these types of group.  Aly is an "only child" so I think it's great.  The puppy/small do group meets Saturdays from 5:30-6:30pm at the Petco in Hampton. Maybe we'll see you there. 

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I have a corgi and I live in Norfolk! Meh lil guy took classes at a Petco around here and he was the only corgi. I might have to suggest something to the hubby to see if we can go! It sounds like fun and I'd love for Igor to meet and play with other corgis!
You guys should bring them. I asked Jess, teh main trainer who runs teh session, an she said that if they are under 1yrs old they are okay to come play. However, there are other small breed dogs there, who are a bit older and they all have a blast together. My friend has a 2 yr old Jackabea and she's come out a couple of times with no problem. They have a blast!! The parents do


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