So obviously i know of the most famous corgi of them all from the ship i named this group after but I'm trying to find other corgi's in the media and dedicating a page to them. Come and post your pictures of famous corgis in this group and I'll do my best to tie it all together.

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There was a forum regarding this subject earlier. Check it out at

I'll think about it also. Can't think of anything off the top of my head.
Well i guess that makes this forum pointless but i can use that topic to get pics over here.
I know its not really pop culture media, but the Queen of England has like, 5 corgies. Although, they did make an appearence in the recent movie...perhaps we can find some photos of those corgis? :D
It is pop culture depending on where you come from...
but here's a picture of Helen Mirren and the corgis playing the Qeen's little chaps:

and the original story the picture went with,,20155428,00.html
There's lots of repetition and discussion of the royal corgwn/dorgies in that other thread, so I'll just mention that French Stewart, best known for Third Rock from the Sun, is a corgi owner as well and although I've been to his favourite dog park a few times (none recently, alas) I've never got to actually see said corgi.

Drat. Can't find a picture, so I don't know if it's a Pem, Cardi or cross.


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