Do you think Fluffies have a different personality than their fluffless brothers and sisters?

Most fluffless that I have seen seem to me more tempermental and hyper.  I have both a cardi fluff and a pemmie fluff and not sure if I lucked out or if this is true?



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I have 2 pembrokes- one flat coated and a fluffy-both boys- and both are the sweetest dogs and oh so loveable, but out of the two my fluffy is the more loveable and outgoing- but the two balance each other out and get along wonderful together. I could not ask for a better 2.. Neither one of my boys are hyper and rarely bark,unless outside then they run and play together and bark at each other.. My fluffy is more  the explorer he likes to go and find things and he tends to get into trouble .. But overall my fluffy is the most loveable of the two and he is so much fun.. But I love all corgi's if a flat coat or a fluffy I will always have a pembroke welsh corgi.. Never a dull moment in this house with my boys..
I don't have any conclusive evidence but I think fluffs have more of the sweet gene to go with the hair.  I only have Twinkie but my mother has a flat-coated Pem now and he is WILD.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to bring him home with me but he has miles of energy.  Twinkie is just the sweetest, happiest little dog we have ever had.  Even my husband has mentioned it and I'm sure he would like to have people believe he hasn't fallen in love with her too.

Ever seen one with a tail.


This is Gemini


Extremely intellegent and very loving.


Looks very much like yours!!

Gemini is absolutely stunning!!!


I so wish that they didn't dock my Maeve's tail...


Gemini at seven months.




Gemini at nine months with Michael from our next litter.


At twelve months old with Zodiac Dark Delight.

We have more enquiries about do we want to sell her than anything.


Gem at 18 months with Angel.


I hope you like just a few pics, I have loads



Me at St. Davids Pony club show last May winning best male handler.



Even fluffs can win at companion shows but don't take tham any higher. They just might put the rest to shame!!!!


Gemini is the picture in the Welsh Corgi League calendar for August 2011


Do you believe in fairies?


Have you seen the pic?



I had the pleasure of meeting Gemini when I collected my Ruby (was Zoe) from Stephen. She was a beauty and so loving.
My fluffy Pem, Mia, is the only Corgi I've ever owned, but she is a sweetheart! My groomer has commented that she didn't really like Corgi's because of their temperaments but she loves Mia 'cause she is such an affectionate girl and loves everyone. She is by far the sweetest (and smartest) dog of any breed I've ever had.


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