Hello everyone in IL corgi nation!  My husband and I are debating on adding a 3rd corgi to our mix.  We currently have a 6 y/o male and a 3 y/o female, and have come across the opportunity to add a 3rd which would be a fluffy (my dream corgi!) and it would be a male, since 2 females are not typically good with each other.  Our debate is obviously should we or shouldn't we,  here is a little backstory, when we did add our female 3 years ago our original seemed to become depressed, he would saulk, make himself throw up, not eat and because of this he had to be put on 'puppy prozac'.  He is fine now and loves his sister, but it was so heart breaking for that first month or so.  We have also had a child, who is 16 months old now and both of them seem to adjust really well to her.  I guess just asking what are your thought/opinions on the situation...any advice is appreciated!

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I'm actually concerned about adding a 2nd. It is just my corgi and I don't know how she would react. I am hoping it would be fun and a playmate, but I'm scared it will not turn out that way... I don't know what to do.

Amie Jo.  If you have the space, go for it.  I am a professional pet sitter and most of my clients with dogs have three to four per household.  One family has four female border collies.  They get along great.  One has all males and they get along great.  Others have mixes of both males and females.  I think more than anything it is the humans in charge that make the difference.  With good discipline, lots of love and attention, you'll do fine.  Sounds like you are good at reading how they are adjusting and how to help them.

Nicole - same for you.  It's not always the number in the household as how the human in charge handles it.  Sure there will be cases where there are difficulties in the adjustment and one never knows 100 percent how that is going to go.  If you have a trainer she might be able to give you input.  I know Kevin's trainer has been very helpful in giving him ideas how to introduce his new male puppy, Thor, to his female, Kallie.

Hope to see you again at CorgiCon Saturday.


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