Ok, so Tank was born in February, so it was warming up by the time that we brought him home and started to socialize him. Doug and I are concerned about winter though - shorter days, less time to run around outside, and it's colder. For those of you that have been through an Indiana winter with a corgi, what kinds of things have you learned?
- How well do corgis take the cold?
- Should we be concerned with ears, feet, nose, and other extremities?
- What activities do you do with them (i.e. how do we let him burn off enough energy so that we can sleep at night!)

,,, and the list goes on.

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Doug & Sarah, I also live in Indiana and have had Corgis for over 13 years. They love the cold, being from Wales you know that their ancestors have and still do endure some pretty cold, wet weather. Hence, the thick under coat that makes it difficult to get them wet to the skin when bathing and even harder to get the soap washed out. I had puppies last winter and from 5 weeks on they played outside everyday until they went to their new homes. If you remember last winter, we had some pretty cold days. So don't worry your dog won't mind at all but you will. I have a large fenced in yard so I don't have to walk my dogs (luckily) but I did play outside with the puppies and froze my butt off. I was ready to come in long before they were. I attached some pictures of them out. I don't remember even a shiver! Kerri Fulkerson
One thing we do for Sydnei in the winter is let her chase a laser light. We have a really long hall way so she will chase it all day if we let her. Easy way for exercise!


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