Here are a few of the corgis I have recently come across:

Puppy Palace game for DS has a cute corgi pup leading the pack!

Joint Max bottle

Charging station for UltraSmart station

Seat cover ad in pet supply catalog.

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Here's some older items I found. I did a blog post on these but they belong here as well. :)

Gate ad

Interceptor Ad

On a bag of Science Diet food.

Petco brochure

Kennel Deck ad.

Veterinary Apparel ad.

(sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, I only had a cell phone camera for a few of the ads. lol)
More spare time has resulted in these latest finds:

Catalog ad for bed steps

Ol' Roy food package

Bag of Ol' Roy food

Cucumber Melon Shampoo

Puppy Kong package

Back of packaging to the medium Everlasting Treat Ball.
My mum saw that puppy Kong toy with the Corgi pup on it and wanted to buy it even though our boy is no longer a pup! Put a Corgi on it and she'll probably want to buy it!
Oh cool...I was wondering what size to buy. :D
More corgi-rific finds!

Book cover

Book cover... so cute!

Flea product

Science Diet Treats (note: they are the "light" treats. lol)
Are they trying to say corgis need diet treats? haha
More corgis, this time with a bit of holiday cheer!

Holiday Gift Tags

Russell Stover Chocolate Box

Pet Drinking Fountain
A few more to add to the collection!

Treat package

Cover of Veterinary Apparel catalog (they use corgis in their catalog and I love ordering from them!)

Door mat ad

Screencap to Nintendo's Nintendogs game that has a corgi in it.
Latest Zyrtec commercial features a corgi!
Here's a few new finds:

Step ad in a pet supply catalog

The following are all the same corgi on different packaging.

Uncle Sam must be a corgi lover!
Happy Memorial Weekend! Here are a few more finds!

Irradiated chews are irradiated. (saw these in a big bin at the dollar store)

Kennel ad

Dog bed packaging

Pick up bag packaging

AKC New Puppy Handbook


Rescue Store

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