Have any of you read a book or magazine where the story is about a corgi or a corgi is one of the characters?

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Here is a children's book about a Corgi Puppy... The Author is Robert E. Brock and his Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom (Little Dott) Except for the cover, it is illustrated with photographs of Dott, her Mom and her siblings.

There is a corgi in Under the Dome, by Stephen King. Also, the picture book Korgi and the Corgiville series of books.

Of these I've only actually read Under the Dome, but when my nephew is old enough to read I'll probably get him the Corgiville Fair books :P
Little Dog Lost is about a corgi, and Finding Mr Right, Diamond in the Ruff, and Gone to the Dogs by Emily Carmichael all have corgis. I have Little Dog Lost and Finding Mr. Right. They're both good. Under the Dome by Stephen King is also good.
Are the Corgiville books by Tasha Tudor? She's done quite a few kids' books that have corgis. Also, there is a series called the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown (a cat) that has a corgi, (Tucker) as one of the main characters. They made a movie from one of these books called Murder She Purred that starred Ricky Lake. In the books, Tucker is female and in the movie, the corgi is a male.

Minerva Clark goes to the dogs by Karen Karbo is a book my daughter read last summer. She said it was a good mystery book. I copied the description below.

"Minerva Clark has never liked popular, bratty Chelsea de Guzman. But when Chelsea pleads with  Minerva to help her locate a missing diamond, the prospect of a new mystery is just too irresistible to pass up, especially after Minerva learns that it's a red diamond and potentially worth millions. Before long Minerva is doing what she does best: getting into trouble while getting to the bottom of things. And whether that includes digging through a day's worth of trash, tangling with some crooked animal shelter workers, dodging three mischievous corgis, or tracking a carrier pigeon with intestinal problems, Minerva is determined to get her man--or his best friend…"

Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy mysteries star Mrs. Murphy (a tabby cat) and Tucker (a Corgi), oh and a bunch of humans. The dialog given to the animals is amusing.


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