The relationship between 9 year old Minnie and not quite 4 mos Fergie is an ever evolving one.  They play more and more every day but Minnie always seems especially cranky in the morning with the pup.  Last evening they played hard and the "not getting along" portion of the morning lasted longer then usual.  Does sore have any impact on cranky?  Just wondering your thoughts on this.  Minnie is in great shape other then age.

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My Sparty is ten and has some arthritis as well as very bad allergies. He definitely is a little cranky with our other other animals at times. I think part of it is that he is the top dog (after us humans) so sees it as his role and the other is that he does get hurt sometimes by very rough play now which he did not when he was younger.
When your dog get older and has arthritis it is amazing what 1/2 a baby aspirin every other day can do for them. Aspirin stays in a dogs system longer than humans so no need for one every day. Not recommended by most vets especially if your dog is prone to stomach problems but it does help alot.
I have an 8 year old Corgi, Archie who has a back disk and it ruptured this past weekend. I see you have a Corgi with disk problems too, Any advice?


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