My Corgi, Blaze will be 13 on St. Patty's Day!!  Can't believe he is that old. He is getting along pretty well for his age and only having one eye.  He has a cataract in the other eye and his hearing isn't what it used to be, but overall not too bad.  Just wondered how hold your seniors are??

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I have 2 aging Corgis. Wynn will be 11 in April but doing well except for having to be on a special food due to Bladder stone issues and can't jump like he used to. I can see he is aging when I look at his face.

Teddy my 13+ Corgi (he's a rescue that I've had since2008) has cataracts that make it harder for him to see if he's outside in the dark. His head turns toward one side due to so many ear issues and doesn't seem to hear well at all, I actually have to bend down so he can see me clap my hands for him to come but then willingly comes running. He also is having some food issues and I am going to look into a good food for seniors.


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