Petie is thirteen, and never knows when he's had enough. He plays hard, but pays later. Especially when he's in the water. I have to stop play before he's ready, which makes me sad. But if I don't he gets limpy later. :(

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Yeah Sparty is ten and has arthritis. We have pretty much determined which of his activities cause him to limp later. We try to limit those activities, much to his dismay. It is hard to be the party pooper but he has such a hard time getting around later I remain firm. For example, instead of throwing the tennis ball across the yard, I toss it to him. He loves catching it and it is not so hard on his knees. If you left it up to him, he would probably be a cripple because he loves to play. They do tend to be "all out" in everything they do whether it is sleep or play!
Love the life vest!
Yeah, sometimes he goes so hard he starts breathing like a little freight train too. It makes it hard that I have the two year old dog, Pete has no idea he's getting older. You're right. I do feel like the party pooper. It's tough to be the mom.
I understand completely. It's hard to get them to understand they can't do everything they want to do. My oldest is 15 and she has slowed down a bunch in the last year. Still gets around great and I swear, she sleeps less than my 2 and 6 year olds!!! Last one to bed at night, and the first one up in the morning. She used to run agility and I finally had to pull her because she lost her hearing, BUT, the funny part is, she still would run around the course like a mad-corgi not paying any attention to me, just doing what she wanted to do!

Do you give Petie any supplements, like glucosamine, chondrotin? How about pain relief for when he does over do it? I have always had good results with Cosequin DS. For some reason my dogs have always done better on it than on some of the other supplements. For pain relief I give Kidder Tramadol, since she has some liver issues rimadyl isn't a good choice for her, but it does work well.

You are lucky that Petie likes the water! It is great exercise for him, especially since it is so low-impact for his joints. And I love the lifevest, too!
Yes to supplements-same you use. Learned that from having show horses. Also use Rimadyl for ouchy days. I get a smile thinking about your girl running the course as she pleased. Maybe some of her hearing was selective. When Petie was learning agility he loved the A-frame, and would try to add it ad-lib in lew of any obstical he considered boring. I'm glad to here your dog is doing well at 15. I wasn't aware dogs could take Tramadol. It is a wonderful medication, I have taken myself ( Ultram ) for back injury. It gave me a lot of relief, with no drowsieness. Very interesting. Thanks.
Algy has the same problems, although not in the water - he is a little chicken!

The important thing is that they still show the interest. I understand how you want to give them everything they want, but at least you realise that they have to tone it down for their own good. It stinks!!

Petie is sweet in that vest!! Very sporty!!
Love the life vest! Have thought of one for Bunny for playing in the lake's edge, just in case she goes too far out and can't touch. We also balance being active with being limpy later. When we walk in an athletic field that Bunny can run off leash in, I vary my speed of walking and how far away from her I walk to keep her moving - but not at the all-out speed. I'm trying to do shorter walks, more frequently on the days I can, plus one longer walk each day with some walking and some running.
She's still nursing her torn ACL, and I'm seriously considering seeking a second opinion to see if surgery would be in her best interest.
We also do supplements, as mentioned below. I'm thinking about getting a pain relief, not sure if rimadyl is for her or not. It may have made her nauseous when she was on it after being spayed. It can't hurt to have something around the house, just in case.
We're getting ramps for the house and the car to help with jumping.


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