OK, I'll start the discussion...

Where is everyone located?

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I'm in Oklahoma, where's everyone else at?
I'm currently in Lexington, Ky., but originally from Indiana and moved to Kentucky from Oklahoma City. Where in OK are you? I hope you didn't get hit too badly with the ice storm! I moved from there this spring, so I guess I got out of there at a good time!
Mishawaka, IN (which is near Notre Dame)
Hi Everyone,
I am in Indianpolis.
We live in Southwest Missouri, near the Branson area.
Ooo. Us too. We live in Springfield!
Hello all! I'm from Eastern Kansas, particularly the Olathe/Overland Park area (south of the big KC), but I go to school at Kansas State University...So I'm split between the two locations.
I am here in south central Kansas. Wichita to be specific. Me and my pup say hi to all you other mid western folks!
Greetings--I am from Colon, Nebraska. Pronounced like the body part. Don't know where that is? Well we are just up the road from Wahoo. I'm new to MyCorgi.com and new to the group.
Hi My name is Bobbi and we are from Cedar Bluffs, actually I don't live in Cedar, I live 10 miles west of there and I am closer to the Malmo Road, If you are from Colon then you know where that is at! I just joined MyCorgi.com and find it very informative! My Corgi, Penni is 2 1/2 years old. Glad to see someone close also loves Corgis!!
I'm in Lafayette, Indiana. Is there an Indiana Corgi group? If not, we should start one!
Hello Maribeth! I see you're from Lafayette. I'm actually in Illinois now but was born and raised in Lafayette and my family is still there! My father happens to be a small animal vet there as well, maybe you've heard of him? His name is Dr. Reiger at Tippecanoe Animal Hospital. I'd love to meet you and your corgi's sometime. We're in the area often. In fact we'll be there a lot for a while since my newly aquired 6 wk old puppy will need her round of shots and eventual spay. I'd love to hear from you.


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