Okay, I think my Pem's favorite activity (if you don't count sleeping as an activity) would be walking. Actually I like to call it "surveying her domain". I believe she thinks of our neighborhood as her kingdom and it's her duty to check on everyone and everything now and again to make sure it's all still in order.

For my Cardigan, his favorite activity is playing with other dogs. Everything else pales when a potential playmate is around. I've even seen him pull off sheep to go check out the Great Pyrenees on the other side of the fence. I can just imagine my dog thinking "you know that big guy MIGHT play with me..."


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I thinkit would be going on walks. All I have to do is say the magic word and it is mayhem in our house and down the lane. Behind that would be chasing the geese.--Our breeder has a Great Pyrenees...and I'll just bet he would like to play!
My Pem's favorite activity is policing others, mainly his Cardi brother and cat brother. Well, maybe he likes to play fetch more...

My Cardi loves to go out and herd stock. If we don't do that, then he just loves to run and run and run...
Oh what fun you're going to have! My cardi loves to herd. We're fortunate enough to live about 45 minutes away from a sheep station that trains all breeds. The instructor is very good and knows the differences in the herding styles of the different breeds of herding dogs and takes that into consideration in the training. And my cardi is also ape for agility! He's been watching it since he was a puppy. That's about the only time he's quiet, when he's watching other dogs run. He'll sit on the sideline mesmerized. Now that he's recovered from his surgery he can participate and he's hooked! Totally hooked! I predict much fun in your future!!!
My pems both love to climb the "big hill" to survey their domain. It's really not a very big hill, but to a corgi it must seem like Mt. Everest! Nunzio loves music and really enjoys listening to it whenever he can. I put together a playlist of his greatest hits on my iPod. His favorite song is Prince of Wales. The chorus is "Standing high on a hill over the sea, I'm the true Prince of Wales and the Queen loves me. I've earned my place in history and they call me......corgi..." The song is available on iTunes if you're interested.
Brody love his walks, but his next favorite would be playing "tag" - running around the partial wall that divides the kitchen and living room to see it he can sneek up on us and "catch" us. Also in the garage around the cars. He'll peak under the cards to see where we are and change direction to try and come up behind us.
Macs favorite thing other than sleeping and driving me nuts is to play with his girlfriend Jada(a pit bull) and going squirrel hunting with my boyfriend. The first dog toy we bought him was a squeking squirrel and he took that thing everywhere. So now he gets to play with the big boys!!
chloe loves going out for walks and chewing on her bone. she also loves anything that squeaks!! my mom just bought her the big stuffed toy that has like 5 squeakers in it, shes driving me nuts. she will just sit there and squeak it for as long as i let her. there is a reason i dont buy her things that squeak anymore.
Hmmm... my corgi squeaks things for about five seconds.... and then find a way to tear the squeaker out and all the stuffing... she loves it, but its getting expensive to buy squeaking toys.
My corgi loves walks, but she also likes to race around the house at top speed doing figure eights and such around the furniture bouncing off of the couch and occasionally chasing or being chased by the cat.

Does anyone else have a corgi that can't stop making your house seem like a race track?
Well, if sleeping doesn't count, Oliver's favorite would have to be fetch...anytime, anywhere, anything. :)

Oh that's just too cute!
My two "kids" LOVE to go in the car. Tess has been traveling since she was 5 weeks old and has been in almost every state, she is horribly spoiled and if I get home from work and she hasnt gone for a ride that day, she sits at the door until we take a drive!


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