Hello all. I know that Corgis are strong-willed dogs. Gracie is about 5 1/2 months old now. She likes to grab everything on the floor in the laundry room - socks, underwear, etc. And, she is constantly picking up things outside. We've tried the drop command and it doesn't work. If you try and grab it from her, she will growl and snap. We sometimes have to get physical with her and flip her over - which sometimes works. My husband and I are getting frustrated. It has me wondering if we shouldn't have a dog. :( She is still biting sometimes when she is playing. No bite and yelling has no affect all. She is also doing the typical Corgi herding and it nipping at calves and ankles. I know this is part of her instinct. Any suggestions how to curtail this behavior and make her into a wonderful dog some day?

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