My Corgi has become more than I can handle. I am 72 years old with bad knees and can't chase after her when she gets out which is every chance she gets. I need to find a good home for her, where she can have a little running room. She will be one year old on Valentines day. She is up to date on her shots and has been spayed. Any suggestions??



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contact the COLUMBIA RIVER WELSCH CORGI CLUB they do corgi rescue only, if your looking to release her and there are no reponses here. There are some training tools you could try such as having a friend come over and placing a leashe on your girl, your friend could then stand on the outside and open and close the door while you give corrections to her. You could place an add on OREGONLIVE.COM in the classified section and alot of people would see that she is available also however there are costs onvolved with that. Another idea might be to contact her breeder most are happy to take back and rehome their puppy's some even say that in contracts if you signed one. Good Luck on your journey
I would love to take on another Corgi. I just got Riley, at 7 mths old and he NEEDS a Corgi to play with. Let's talk. Riley, has done his Obedience and is now enrolled in Agility. I live on 5 1/2 ac in Southern Oregon.

Michele and Riley
Good Morning Michele and Riley. Could you get back to me by e-mail about where in So Oregon you live and any other info you might want me to know.

I know you have already had some suggestions and one lovely sounding prospective home for your lovely girl. I am also interested. I have a 2 year old corgi her name is Favorite and she needs a buddy really bad. I have been looking into another corgi for a while now i love the breed. It really appealed to me because my birthday is also Valentines day i am going to be 27 this year and i am an aspiring dog trainer currently working with about 4 clients and some future ones are planned out as well. Dogs are my passion. My girl currently knows about60 commands and still counting she is learning new stuff at a ridiculous pace. I have a big yard in back and go to the dog park about 3 times a week she would definately have a great time. So if the other prospect doesnt work out lemme know.i am willing to take a road trip :) . I can bring my dog to meet up so i know its a good match. message me if we can talk about it thanks soo much
Just in case, please e-mail me at as to where you live.

Hi --The other deal fell through, so if you are still interested, contact me.
Mary Sue, have you found a home for your girl? There is a huge corgi group in Corvallis that doesn't seem to be on this site, but they take in and place corgis from all over the state. Our last rescue came from them. I am having a huge surgery on Friday or we would consider. If you see this today, May 5th, please email me at I will put you in touch with the Corvallis group if you still have your corgi girl. Carol
Were you able to find a home for your baby?
I am looking for a female corgi for a companion for me and my male corgi "Shorty". Our family dearly loves him, and would like to have a pup of his before he is too old. We have a farm in the country, lots of room to roam. Let me know if you still are looking for a home for her. Thanks, Donna
Hi it's me again. I have tried but am not having much luck. Is there a rescue group close by that I can contact?

Thanks for any help
It's been a while since the last post but if you still have her I might be interested. Contact me.
Thanks, Steve


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