So, for those of us who celebrate Samhain, what did you and your fur-baby do for Hallowe'en?

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We hid from those evil christians!
LOL! You mean the ones who have "hell houses?" Chaps my hide, that one.
Next Hallowe'en, Al & Gwynn will masquerade as Seattle Mountain Search & Rescue dogs: instead of the traditional St. Bernard's cask of brandy under their chins, they'll have a Starbuck's thermos (this being Seattle, and they being mountain hikers).
oh my! this year Samhain is on a Saturday...Ein and I run a liquor store by Colorado College i better plan something to blow their lil' minds heheheh
Now that sounds like fun!
well we are having a initation rite this year ein tends to get in the way so we might have to leave him out of this one.
I usually fight like heck to get Logan into a costume. . .usually something like a Hot Dog or Lobster. But my mother always guilts me into not putting him in anything. Says he'll get a complex. So I dress up and Logan always gets a new cool bandanna for the holiday. And when I do my rituals, he comes right along with me.
I think it's wonderful you take him with you to do your rituals. Ours, since we have so many, bark. However, I have found that if I'm really involved in what I'm doing they calm right down with me.
Logan loves to practice with me. Usually he stays right next to me, but sometimes he just likes to plop down in the middle of the circle and just takes it all in. If I'm inside it gets really crowded. . .the kitties love to join and Logan of course has to be there for it all too. Thankfully, they're all pretty calm and content.


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