Hi All!
I just joined the My Corgi site and have found loads of good info! Thought I'd post a question here . . . . . . . my Nellie is 5 months old and she really likes to "herd" us. While it was cute when she was smaller, it is getting to be a hazzard as she does it when we go out the door and while we walk to her area so she can relieve herself. It's dark in the AM and PM and she's tripped me several times! I don't want to fall and hurt her! She grabs my pant legs and just tugs and/or nips at my heels. Any suggestions?
Many Thanks!

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I'd like to know too, Gibson loves to herd me..but only me...no one else (?). I've tried ignoring him or telling him no..neither seem to be working.
My 6 month old does it to my kids and my 2 cats- he snarls (not in an aggressive/mean way) while he's nipping at their feet. I've talked to trainers at Petsmart and we've tried bitter apple on the pant legs, shaking the coins in a coke can to startle him, yelling "No!", keeping him on a 6ft leash in the house and correcting him when he does it... I'm at a loss. He doesn't do it to me as much as he does it to my kids. The trainers said he does it to them because he views them as "littermates". Hmmmm... I hope someone has an answer out there!
My little Henry also loves to try herding with me. What seems to be working the best is when he does it I stop in my tracks and say no very loudly. He will then stop and I continue on. I repeat this until he doesn't do it anymore. It seems to be working quite well. He will do it maybe every couple of days now. He is only 11 weeks. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. So I have been constantly working on this for 3 weeks now. I imagine this will have to be persistent training for awhile. =)
Hi All,
Well, I began this post in December when Nellie was 5 months old and she is now 1 year old - her birthday is 7-7-08. I have to say that this behavior has subsided significantly since my original post and I think that is due to two reasons:
1. We use the method described by Adriana when we are in the house and that seems to work well, although consistency is the key! What's that saying about giving an inch and taking a mile? Anyway . . . . .
2. The other reason is that we purchased a "herding ball" for her to use outside and that has helped tremendously as it gives her an outlet for this activity and she LOVES to play with it! I have a video on my page of her playing with it and you can also see some other dogs using it if you you tube "herding balls". I got me at boomerball.com.
Good Luck!
Kim and Nellie
Thanks for the advice. My 8 week old little angel is herding the cats! The cats are pretty good about putting her in her place but every chance she gets, she tries to back them into the corner. I'll see if I can find a herding ball for her to play with outside and try Andriana method as well. Bella hasn't tried to herd myself or my daughter but I think its only time before she tries. She's doing great with her potty training! Corgi's are very smart and catch on quickly.

thanks again,
Debbie Algieri


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