We are planning our expenses for our future Corgi and these are some expenses that we would like estimated amounts for:

How much do Poso Creek Corgi's cost?

How much of a deposit did you put down?

How much per month is your pet insurance?

How much is spaying/neutering/micro-chipping/licensing in Los Angeles area?

How much is food, grooming and medication per month?

How much do obedience classes cost?

Any other misc. expenses that we haven't thought of?!

Any advice and cost estimates are much appreciated by my hubby! He will be a first time dog dad and all he sees are dollar signs...$$$$

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I'm not sure what Kim is charging now for her dogs.  It would be best to ask her directly.  I think we put 50% down on our dogs.  We don't carry pet insurance.  These dogs are very hardy, but I guess there's always the chance of accidents!  There are no medications, unless your dog has a condition that requires regular medication.  I took our dogs to Petsmart for their obedience classes.  They are probably the best bet, and cheaper than a private individual.  It's a six-week program with a grduation at the end! I am not in the LA area, so I can't comment onlicensing and spaying, etc.  Same with grooming -- find a groomer that's recommended to you, so you know they are good and you can trust them with your dog.  Once the initial costs are over with, it's just food and grooming expense.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.


We paid about 800++ for Brody. That's pretty affordable for Corgi's in CA

We did not have to put down a down since we called Kim and spoke to her and paid her in person a few days after calling.

we dont have pet insurance. we have a bank account set up for Brody. Insurance won't cover everything... So it's better IMO to keep your budget flexible for those JUST IN CASE situations!

Dog obedience classes are about 120 for both petco/petsmart

toys is an expense, I got a dog book to teach tricks! Corgi's are smart... they need to be stimulated with interesting things! 

either that... or gas money to fund corgi meet up trips!  

I am currently in the talks with Kim, the breeder. The cost of her puppies are around the range mentioned below by Scott+Nicola+Brody. In her original email, Kim mentioned a $100 deposit. Originally I was waiting to pick from a litter that was born Mid-March and ready to go home end of May, but the puppies did not survive. My options now are to pick from the current litter (the ones you see on her website) or wait for the next litter due sometime next month? Because of the situation, she has not asked for my deposit yet. She mentioned how she only accepts a deposit once we have chosen an available puppy.


I don't plan to purchase pet insurance. Originally I was planning to just in case of expensive procedures or accidents but I dont like the fact that the insurance is limited. For instance, they DO NOT cover genetic health problems. So I plan to just start a savings account for my new puppy. However much insurance normally cost every month, I was going to just deposit that amount into a savings account. That way I know I'll always have money for those "accidents".


I've researched on low cost spay/neutering places. here are some of the places: http://www.snpla.org/ and http://www.angeldogsfoundation.org/. Angels Dogs Foundation also does low cost vaccinations and microchipping. Your local Animal Shelter also has low cost vaccinations and micro-chips for FREE so you might want to check them out. http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/PET%20VACCINATION%20INFO.asp 


I won't be able to answer your other questions since I haven't started shopping for my puppy yet. We are still in the talks with Kim but we're leaning towards choosing from this current litter rather than take a chance on the next litter... we were so heartbroken when we heard the puppies from the litter we wanted did not survive.


Hope my info helped!


Medical insurance can be very expensive.  I've done a lot of research on the different plans.  Don't both with the plans that pay for spaying/neutering, shots etc.  You will not get your money's worth.  The best plan I've found and carry on Bella is a plan called "Petplan".  I know people that used them and it's pretty basic stuff.  You pick the amount of coverage, your deductible and at what level you want to pay, so 80% 90% or 100%.  They pay based on what you choose.  This is major medical coverage.

Petplan dog insurance plan comparison table:

   bronze  silver  gold
veterinary fees  $10,000  $14,000  $22,000
boarding kennel fees    $250  $500
advertising + reward    $250  $500
loss due to theft or straying    $250  $500
death from illness or injury      $1,000
vacation cancellation      $1,000
customize your policy to fit your budget
deductible choice of $50, $100 or $200 deductible
reimbursement choice of 100%, 90% or 80% reimbursement


Here is the web site:  http://www.gopetplan.com/default.aspx

Before you purchase insurance, make sure you check this company out. 





Thank you all for your advice! We have Pets Best Insurance for our little 8 month old Molli Mae. In all of our purchases made in the past year in preparation for her, we have always shopped for the best deal! :)

Just spoke with Kim yesterday and the deposit was $100 and the total is $1250. Anyone know if this is a good price or should I speak with her about reducing it? I know my friend paid $2300 for theirs which was way overpriced by a breeder along the east coast.


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