Hi everyone! 

I will be picking up my new pup from Kim end of May! I am so excited!

I plan on crate training my dog, but also want her to be able to go in her wee pad in case of emergencies. I will have her in a ex pen with her crate inside along with her weepad on the other side of the pen. I was looking at Modern Puppies puppy apartment (the one with the hole in the divider), but I think 400 is too expensive!

Do any of your corgis potty like this?

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They're all individuals.

We crate trained both our corgis - the male, Max, came into a 3 dog household and picked up the basics from the older dogs pretty quickly.  BUT it was a lot of concerted and consistent effort with crating and then making sure he went RIGHT OUT do the yard where his performance was thoroughly met with praise.

That said, stubborn to no end, Max occasionally sneaks downstairs at night and poops in the living room... nobody can figure it out because his walks and yard time is very consistent.  It's just attitude. 

The female we got 2 years later was a dream - she was housebroken in 3 weeks.  Has really been good.  She's now 2, named Sonic.

All told, they're VERY good about being trained.  But don't slack in consistent behavior and consistent praise.

I crate trained Freda as well. It really is the best way. They don't want to go where they sleep! Just like Sonic, she had no accidents at all even after about 3 weeks. Be a good mama and get up every 4 hours and go outside and praise the hell out of her when she goes! I didn't even bother with pads. I'm just not sure the puppy knows. I feel like it's good to just drill going outside into their adorable little heads. Good luck!

I'm so jealous, I wish we could get another one!!!

I'll be picking up a corgi from Kim at the end of May as well :)

Hi Brittany!

Our corgis are siblings! Are you picking up on the 24th?

Hi Rebecca! We will probably be picking up on a different day (after the 24th)...as we are out of town for the holiday :( We were hoping to meet all the puppy parents :(


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