For me, its because it makes Bailey look much more like a fox. I love that "wild" look in dogs. =) spread the word... redheads rule! =D

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I love that all the red really highlights his muscular structure and development. He struts and the muscles ripple. (no wonder all the guys like him when we're at the park)

When I first fell in love with corgis (too many years ago), most of pembroke corgis were predominantly red and white. Some of the older pictures at that time showed corgis that were solid red with perhaps some white on chests. These older pictures were probably from the 40's and 50's. So I like to delude myself that Timmy is a throwback to those "old style corgis" I loved. I've had people tell me that Timmy must be a mix, cause corgis have white collars!!!
awesome! I've seen a lot of pictures of champion corgis - and just the ones in show on Animal Planet - and although many do have white on the face, they rarely have full white collars!
I was thinking of Kaydee from MyCorgi, her dogs have lots of white and obviously they are beautiful dogs. The ones in the pics look like they have collars.
I'm just lucky to have gotten Zeppelin the way he is. I've learned a lot more about Corgis since getting him, though I didn't get the breed on a whim. I had done a lot of studying to make sure he would be the best choice for us. Coming from Samoyeds (well, one, years ago), I wanted to be sure the Pembroke was a good idea. His color wasn't an issue for me. I didn't have a choice, in any event; he was the only one left from his litter!
aww he is all red, even the paws-- wow! =D how cute - i love that flat-like-a-rug pose that they do. I think back in the ole' days, from looking at pictures of corgis - a lot of them didn't have much white back then.
Because she loves me, is funny, and she is not mean.
that's a great answer! =D me too!
I love my Corgi, redhead or not, because he is my best friend, and because he licks my face in the morning, and plays goalie with our tennis ball, and because he has the sweetest brown eyes. I don't think I care about what color he is, but I understand those who do!
I like the foxy look. All corgis have friendly faces, but I think redheads have such warmth around the eyes. They look sweet and approachable.
that is so true! =) Bailey always gets compliments about his eyes and how sweet and friendly and loving he looks!
LOL at he must be a mix cuz of no white collar. I was big into the white collars at first but now I am not so keen on them. Every color or marking is unique on every dog and won't judge on any particulars for there could be that one w/what I don't care for having it and me loving it on them. Did that make sense?
I think the redhead corgi portraits what a real pembroke welch corgi should look like, they are the best of the best.


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