My name is Sylvia and I admit to being a collar and leash fanatic. I admit to buying unusual ones (I've included a couple in pictures) in complimentary colors, like green and or red. Many people notice and compliment Timmy on his accessories. I feel that the plain head with a beautiful collar are just the ticket for strutting.

Do you all do anything special to emphasize your beautiful redheads? LOL

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haha yepp i buy red collars always. oh yes and green looks lovely on him too! =P but i tend to sway to anything red!
oo that timmy fleece one is cute.
Yes I do! I want her to look her best. Even if my hubby says I am a bit crazy. ; )-
You're not crazy!! Your hubby doesn't wear the same clothes all the time either, does he??? LOL Collars and leashes are what "connect" us.

Anyway, what redhead doesn't like to be admired???
forget collars and leashes, i also buy red clothes for him too! =D hahahhhaha
Timmy normally wouldn't be caught dead in clothes. I had to really get him tired before I put the "Dogfather" tshirt on him for Halloween. I wish he did take to clothing, but he prefer to be nekkid.
yea i think bailey wants to be a nudist but but but.. its just so darn cute when they are clothed!
Yeah, our puppy has a hunter green collar.
That's great, I'm sure he just looks very handsome with that collar and gets lots of compliments!!
Nope, just random leashes and collars.
Banjo's collar is pistachio green with cupcakes. It was one of the only ones to stand out with all her fur, and the cupcakes are a subtle way of reminding everyone she is a girl.
thats so cute. =) i love green and i love cupcakes too! =P

everyone always assumes bailey is a girl. I think the corgi breed in general is a "pretty" breed, so its automatically assumed. I need to buy a macho collar so they know he's a boy. =P


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