Zed was adopted from a local animal shelter. Apparently he was picked up as a stray and had been ad the shelter for over a month when my wife found him online. 3 days later we went to look at him and he immediately stayed close to my wife...we took him home that day. He's been a great dog.

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Rueben was also adopted from a local animal shelter as I have a soft spot in my heart for mixed breeds. He was trucked over from NY with 50 other smallish dogs that had been living in a shed out back that was attached to a trailer. When I had gone to the shelter to look for a dog, there were 2 dogs left from the original 50. Rueben was one of them and had been living at the shelter for 3 months and the other was very aggressive dog that had bitten several workers and wasn't adoptable. I actually feel bad because I thought Rueben was the funniest looking dog I had ever seen and didn't really like the fact that his tail was always up giving everyone a perfect view of his butt area. He was very stand offish and shy and I actually started to feel sorry for the last dog out of the initial group. Anyways, After 4 visits of walking and playing, we ended up taking him home. He has been the best dog I have ever had and honestly is my buddy. I wouldn't trade him for the world. He has been with us 3 years and is now 6.
We adopted Midgee (Midget) from the humane society in our city. I was looking on their website several times a week, and when I saw a young male Corgi, I just had to have him! It wasn't easy getting him though.
I went after work to go take a look at him and some other couple had just gotten there and they were going to adopt him.
Darn it... I missed my chance. Well I was looking on the website a couple days later and there he was again.
I called the shelter, asked if he was really still up for adoption, and he was! So I took the rest of the day off from work - rushed down there - and whatta ya know, there was a couple that had JUST beat me to him - again!
I talked with the staff, told them my situation. They were very nice & helpful. While the couple was away for a few minutes, they let me meet Midget. The ladies had me write down my contact info and if this couple didn't end up adopting Midget, they'd give me a call.
At 5:55pm, they called me to let me know that the couple did not adopt him, so he was ours if we wanted him!
Since they were closing in 5 minutes, we'd have to come back the next day.
My husband just happened to have the next day off, so he was there the second they opened, with Brownie , so they could meet. Brownie & Midget got along, my husband wrote a check, and Midgee was ours!!
WHEW! A lot of drama, but it all worked out.
We rescued our Lily from the Pembroke Corgi Association. She was in a foster home in St. Pete and when we went to look at the "foster kids" she ran right up to me and my daughter and we instantly knew that she was ours!!!
Charlotte-Albermerle SPCA in Virginia. I rescued Boscoe, my (now) five year old, red-white, male Cardigan on May 1st, 2004. He was about ten months old then. I met him on a Tuesday and took him home on Saturday. It was love at first sight even though I had never even heard of the Corgi breed before and had never owned a dog before. I must admit that I walked into puppy parenthood completely unprepared but I think it was "in me" all along. It came so naturally.
On the two hour car ride home from the SPCA, Boscoe fell alseep with his head in my lap and we have been inseperable since.
Fern was rescued from a Pupply Mill that was downsizing. She was taken in by Forever Friends in Missouri and was in Foster Care for six months. I had actually seen her on the web about 3 months before I decided to take the trip to Missouri to "look". My pack of three Corgis went with me--to test the waters. They took to her right away and she melted my heart with her very very sad eyes. Needless to say after 7 months and several thousand dollars in medical bills, she has been a welcome part of our family. Can't imagine life without her.
We rescued Ein from the Ramona Animal Shelter in San Jacinto, CA. We were there looking for my girlfriend's lost chihuahua and she melted my heart the instant I saw her. She had just been taken in, so we had to wait a couple of days before she was released for adoption. When we came back, she had started to show symptoms of kennel cough and an ear infection, so it was another couple of weeks while they treated her. But we were finally able to bring her home last night and she seems to be adjusting well to her new home. She's very even tempered and very loving and we are so glad we can give her a happy and safe home.
We have two corgi mixes that were both rescued from the local animal shelters. Cowboy was 2 when I adopted him. I must admit when I first walked through that pound I walked right past the little guy, never even noticed him, he was so far back in the kennel. When I finally did see him, it was love at first sight. He was so scared he clung to my leg and jumped at any little sound. The shelter assistant tod us he was skin and bones when he came in and it was evident that someone had been abusing him. How on earth anyone could abuse a defensless animal I'll never know... Needless to say, I took him home and he's been with me ever since! He's now 9 years old and you would never know he had a rough and awful start on life!
Luka is our other corgi mix and he was also 2 when we adopted him a year ago. He was very sick and didn't even look up while people were walking through the shelter and the other dogs were going insane. Didn't show any movement when people poked their hands into his cage trying to get him to do something. I planted myself right in front of his cage and talked to him softly and made little kissy noises. And when he opened that one little crystal blue eye, I knew I had to take him home!!! He was very sick and spent the first month getting better. He had kennel cough and numerous upper respiratory infections. But once he got better, he was a wild child!! He chewed everything in site, even chewed a hole in the drywall and a good portion of the couch before a good friend, rather sternly, told us it was our fault! Haha. We've since discovered dog parks and hiking is the only way to tame the beast so to speak.
Both our pups are wonderful companions and make us laugh and learn every day. As I'm sure everyone in this group knows, Rescued Dogs, are the Best Dogs!!
I really love reading all of the wonderful rescue stories! So many good people (and pups) in the world!
Gemmi is a Corgi mix that was rescued from Abandoned Animals Foundation in Pompano Bch, Fl.

I saw her picture on the internet and fell in love with her. I called about her and was told she's still available, but another couple was coming to see her the next day. She said I could come see her that night. It was about 6:45 PM and it would take me at least 45 minutes to get there... but I flew!

She is such an amazing girl. She apparently had a family, but they gave her up. She was so young and bounced around 3 times so when I got her home she stuck to me. She is much better now, she seems to know this is her forever home.

Right now she is battling kennel cough and Coccidia. Hopefully she'll be completely healthy soon!
I rescued my Dexter in Nov of 08 from my local shelter. He had been there for about two months prior to me finding him, and oddly enough, the people at the shelter had him listed as a daschund mix (of which I knew better). I fell in love with him instantly and when I received a little extra money from school, I had my mother run out and pick him up and never better timing have I ever had because the lady said that he was about to be taken off the shelters listing to make room for other adoptable dogs. I am so glad that we are a pair now and to have a four-legged friend to offset my two-legged quirkiness.
Sheldon I adopted this past weekend, May 9th, from a local regional corgi Rescue group. He is a very gentile, calm, well behaved dog. the only thing he needs to work on is Potty Training, (95% good) and he is food agressive which my little Papillon does not appreciate. I added two pictures to my picture page, I still have pictures of Myles (RIP) too.
My Miss Daisy is a survivor of an early 2009 Missouri puppy mill bust. She and 59 other dogs were saved, 5 of them pemmies. The pems were taken in by the Atlanta pem rescue; one died and the other 4 were fostered. Miss Daisy was the most traumatized of the pems--as if there really can be a ranking of that kind of abuse! She was fostered by a wonderful family for several months and then I was approved to adopt her.

She's been with me since mid-April and was seriously, seriously traumatized by her life making puppies and living in a cage. She is extremely shy and prefers to stay in her nest, although she has made many strides in her month here. She now seeks me out, will lie down with me, sleeps in the bed w/ me and my cardi, Skeezix, who is so very good to her.

Daisy has one entire ear missing from her experience in the Missouri torture facility and she has dry eye in one eye, but despite all that she is a very sweet girl--which is a testament to her lovely soul. I feel blessed to have her come to be with us.

Miss Daisy w/ her brother, Skeezix


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