I live in Santa Ana/Tustin, and am trying to find a good local vet who has experience with Corgis. My vet is okay, but she just doesn't have a lot of experience with Corgis in general, and I'm concerned about some of the advice and medical care I've gotten from her in regards to my pup. For example, looking at an X-ray of the lower half of my dog, she seemed to think that there was something completely off about her knees; different vet pointed out that it was normal for Corgi bone structure. We're also dealing with a potential cruciate tear right now, and she told us to go ahead and let the dog run free, go to dog park, etc. Orthopedic specialist told us to severely limit her activities. So yeah; getting a lot of conflicting advice, etc., from her, and I think it's time to move on.

I'm aware of Beckie Williams, DVM (Coventry Kennels) working up in Yorba Linda as a possibility, but wanted to see if you guys knew of anyone closer...

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Dr. Beckie is great!!!  She knows her Corgis.  And the facility is top of the line too. 

The only thing that scares me about taking Kara there is that the reviews for the overall hospital are very poor. What's your experience with them?

We have been with my vet for over 30 years, and we drive from Laguna Hills to see him. He has been very good with Snickers, and she has had cruciate surgery on both her knees. He has a mobile orthopedic surgeon come in and he assists.  Richard Mackey, Baker Bristol Pet Hospital, 2976 Bristol, Costa Mesa CA 92626. 714-546-0010

My good friend goes to Beckie Williams at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital and is very pleased. They are expensive ( as most OC vets) It is a bit far though.

I take my corgi to http://www.ocvetmedcenter.com

Dr Cooper. Great place, great staff. I am getting a second corgi in 2 weeks and will take him there as well. They are loving, clean, not crazy expensive, have a good trainer on staff and are good with my feisty female corgi.

Whatever you do DONOT- and I cannot stress enough DONOT go to Pet hospital of Orange located on Tustin. Dr Wiatt is the worst vet that I have ever had. He made huge mistakes that were responsible for the loss of my last corgi. He actually "settled" with us. The specifics I will not go into.  I researched a lot before i choose Dr Cooper and am very happy with them.

When my cardigan corgi Maya needed immediate specialty surgery I was referred to Southern California Veterinary Specialist in Irvine.  here is the link  http://www.scvsh.com/

I am not sure how far away they are from you.  I am located in Riverside but they did a great job on my Maya girl. 


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