I would really love to participate in meet ups, dog fairs, or even go to a dog park with my Honey.  But she is dog aggressive and I need help.  Does anyone in the San Antonio area have recommendations?  Thanks!!

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Join SABigDawgs .. http://www.meetup.com/sabigdawgs/! They have a " Red Bandana" Basic Obedience and Basic Rally Obedience Training" class. This is a good way to socialize/train your fur-baby safely. It's specifically for dog aggressive dogs and they hold these free meet-ups pretty frequently.
thank you so much for the tip! That sounds like the group for us :)
Good! I hope you both enjoy it. The trainer is really good. All the classes are about an hour long. Don't forget to pick up a red bandana. Oh, and you have to bring a regular leash, not a retractable leash. They also advised me to use a martingale collar for control (which I never did). And harnesses are not recommended. The "red bandana" classes are new. Dog aggressive dogs have always been welcomed in the regular classes provided they wear the bandana. I think they still are (not sure). Everyone knows to stay 15' away and not to approach. I no longer have my dog aggressive spaniel mix but we did go to a couple of regular classes. It's all about getting them used to being in close proximity to other dogs in a controlled on-leash environment. If you join the group, you can ask the trainer questions via the web page. Good luck to you and Honey!


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