How many toys do your dogs have? Gracie has so many different toys. She prefers you to not touch any of them. She will take them all away from you if you grab one - sometimes having more than one in her mouth. She has several squeaky toys (duck, hedgehog, dog, turtle). I will put them up and she goes and pulls them ALL out! Those silly little "non-spoiled" Corgis!

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Sparty kills his toys very quickly so we don't have too many at a time! The kongs are the only ones that last. He likes them with cheese in. Misty and Izzy do too!
While Whisper has stuffed toys and they have to be pillow types, she has never played with toys. Much too mature for that stuff, course she has always had live toys (kids & horses) to play with!
Twinkie has some regular dog toys but has been steadily taking Webkins (like Beanie Babies) out of her mama's room (my daughter) over the past few weeks. Her "babies" are EVERYWHERE! Her best new toy has to be a rubber ball with a jingle bell in it. She loves it and will play catch for a few times with it. She also has a screaming chicken she loves to retrieve. Yes, there are toys everywhere here!
My back yard is covered in dog toys. It takes me ten minutes to round them all up just to cut the grass. The boys don't have any stuffed toys as they are just too easy to kill and eat. They have kongs of all types and lots of zanies hard rubber toys. Real bones from the butcher shop are a huge hit as well.
Have you seen the Air Kong series? The are yellow like tennis balls and many of them squeak. They are very hard to tear up and last a long time.
Heidi has a wicker laundry basket full of toys. Hates it when my son brings his Doxie's over, they climb in the basket and start throwing toys everywhere. She just follows them around growling at them.

Ginny has a little basket full of toys....she can kill them quickly, so usually there are several toys "in the hospital" waiting to have their guts sown back in. And just like a baby, she likes to sleep with her toys all around her....
Toby's afraid of squeaky toys, but he loves his rope and and stuffed husky (which he has eaten the eyes and nose off of =/ )


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