Max is having a problem with loose stools. He is on Iams dry puppy food with a little wet mixed in because of baby teeth loss. He does eat other stuff outside weeds and rabbit poop although we try to keep him away from this kind of stuff. We have gone through this before and it has cleared up before I can call the vet. Anyone else have this problem? I did buy a bag of blue buffalo and was going to start mixing it in with Iams to get him on a better food.

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I'd stop giving him wet food (and definitely switch to a higher quality food!). Gibson is teething really bad right now and I haven't changed his food and he's doing fine..just eating a little slower :) It also is probably a good idea to get his stool checked by the vet to make sure there are no parasites!
I have Blue Buffalo. I can start with that.
Yes I had this problem with Song. The vet told me brown rice and baked, boiled or grilled chicken for a couple days until the bowels go back to normal. It worked each time. I actually got the minute 90 second bag of brown rice and the grilled short cut tyson chicken strips. Made a good fast fix.-------------------------Dot
Maybe the food switch will help. I guess I'm lucky, my pup has never had any problem. She eats Purina Puppy, and whatever assortment of sticks, leaves, grass, plant life, and other miscellanous she can sweep out of range before I find out. :) Seems like there's some out there who just have sensitive stomachs. Best of luck!
Thanks everyone we think it's a problem with milk products. So NO milk products.


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