Now that Lulu is almost one year old, we've starting mixing in some adult food with her usual puppy food. She loves the adult food, which is great, but it has been making her a little sick. Is this normal for a transitional period? Or should we try to find a different adult food that goes through her a little more pleasantly? Does anyone have any advice on how to make the switch, which foods are the smoothest transition, and what kinds of side effects are normal? The puppy food she has been on since she was just a couple months old is Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul.

Melissa (& Lulu)

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We started transitioning Gibson to adult food at 6 months, and when we did he got kind of sick at first too. We had to kind of experiment to see which adult food would be best for him. We fed him Wellness Just for Puppy which was (I think) Chicken, Lamb & Salmon flavored and when we first started giving him adult food, it was the Chicken flavor of Wellness. He had loose stools and refused to eat it so we were really concerned. I then bought him the Lamb & Salmon version of Wellness and he hasn't had a problem since. He has never left a crumb in his bowl and his poops have been fine :) If I were you, I'd feed her the adult version of Chicken soup, since it should have close to the same ingredients as her puppy food, so it will be an easier transition.
Thank you for the advice! Our vet recommended Wellness also, since Lulu has never been too interested in the food we've been giving her. Good to know that just switching the flavor could make all the difference!
At the end of Ella's 11th month, we decided to start switching her to adult food. Since she was eating Iam's Smart Puppy, we bought Iam's Lamb and Rice (I've read that may corgi's can be allergic to beef, so we thought the lamb would be a good pick). I had first thought to mix for a few weeks, but when I offered her a piece of adult food she loved it and didn't want the puppy food. I had to switch her that day to get her to eat.
If you went from a chicken to a non-chicken, her tummy may not be used to it. So you may want to read some labels and pick a food similar to her puppy food but made for an adult. Adult food can also be a little bigger and sometimes harder to chew, so be sure to see if that's the problem, is your girl having a hard time eating it?
Hope this helps,
Heather and Ella
Thanks, Heather. She's not having a hard time eating the food, but it's giving her uncontrollable, and very runny, poops. I wasn't sure if we didn't do the switch gradually enough or if she just wasn't reacting well to the brand/flavor. I am pretty sure, at this point, that it was the brand because we have found a couple that don't irritate her stomach at all. And I talked with the vet and she said the transition should only be a few days long, so I don't think we rushed Lulu at all. Thank you for the tips!
Glad to hear you found some food that Lulu likes.


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