The docking of Corgi's tails in controversial throughout our nation. Speak your mind and let the world know your important opinion on the docking of Corgi tails!

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I believe at one point the docking probably had more than one reason for it, and a reason other than "cause it looks good"
this is what I found on Wikipedia and what I have long heard for the purpose of Tail Docking:

Historically, tail docking was thought to prevent rabies, strengthen the back, increase the animal's speed and prevent injuries when ratting, fighting and baiting.[1] In early Georgian times in the United Kingdom, tax was levied upon working dogs with tails and so many types of dogs were docked to avoid this tax.[1] The tax was repealed in 1796 but that did not stop the practice from persisting.

In modern times, tail docking is done either for prophylactic, therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. For dogs who worked in fields, such as some hunting dogs and some herding dogs, tails could collect burrs and foxtails, causing pain and infection. Tails with long fur could collect feces and become a cleanliness problem, and particularly for herding dogs, longer tails could be caught in gates behind livestock[citation needed]. Many hunting dogs’ tails are docked to prevent them from becoming injured while running through thickets and briars while fetching hunters' prey.

In dogs used for guarding property (such as Dobermans or Boxers), docked ears are thought to make the breed appear more ferocious; hanging ears are reminiscent of the naturally droopy ears of puppies, looking more cute than dangerous. Cosmetic docking is also done to meet breed registries standards.

For dogs with tail injuries that cannot be treated sufficiently with basic medical treatment, the tail can be docked to remove the damaged portion.

As for my personal opinion I do not believe that if done at a young enough age by an experienced Vet or Breeder that it is inhumane. At such a young age the dog can not possibly remember it and if properly taken care of does the dog no actual harm. It would be like de-clawing for kittens. I have a cat that is de-clawed and he still has full fingers *meaning that they probably just buzzed the bone down to the "finger" and didn't actually lop off the first joint. The cat can still grab things quite well, *including my lip* and still brings down birds as large as quails and countless mice over the spring and summer. The cat doesn't remember having claws, and still does perfectly fine with out them. Now, mind you I FOUND Chairman meow after he had been dumped. So it was not my choice. But after having a cat do so well with out it. I don't see the real harm to the cat if done young enough. Just like tail docking.
i like cody with his tail docked because we love it when he shakes his butt when he is happy rather than a tail if he had one :]
I think if it's done correctly, at a very early age it does not matter.
Some pems have a naturally docked tail . They are born with a nub but this is rare and some breeders are trying to bring it back. Also because of some state laws prihibiting to docking of tailsn the AKC has had to let some dogs show with tails. Their is currently a pem with a tail that is an AKC champion. I europe they have lots of pems with tail do to the laws over there forbidding the docking of tails. I know that they say that the tail docking will not be remembered at 2-3 days of age which is truenbut it is painful for the puppy their is a little blood, but is a lot less painful then for an adult since they do not have a lot of blood vessels and nerves to the regon. I do not believe is docking after the 3 day periodn I think that is cruel.
Sure if done properly by someone who knows what they're doing at the right age (2 or 3 days old). It is the breed standard but they're darn cute either way. It's not a necassity. My neighbors great dane has unclipped ears and they are the cutest thing about her. They're just huge!! I just love the corgi nubble butt. Mine don't remember getting theirs docked. I swear they don't. I would think kinda like men don't remember they're circumcisions. Unless they're older of course. :) I think there is a lot of real abuse to dogs we should worry about-not tail docking, which isn't abuse at all. Our corgis are loved members of our families that are spoiled half to death. Nothing to feel sorry about in this house. :)
I read that originally in Great Britain dogs with docked tails were working dogs and were not taxed as the undocked dogs were. I have one corgi with a natural dock and one that is docked. I like the natural look better but his is only about 2 inches. I have seen a corgi with about 5 inches and it did look weird. Breeders that show in the US always dock the tails and don't even leave a stump. With the changes in the laws in some European countries it will be interesting to see if this all changes.
How can you tell if your dock has a natural dock? Mine has a pretty long nub, he can physically wag it, it reminds me of a metronome. Probably about 2" long.

I am alright with docking the dog as long as it is done competantly.
I always thought the Pembroke breed was naturally a "dock" and was shocked to read the above messages that Corgis experienced a physical alteration. Our two Corgis come from two different parents and have quite different "nubs"
I love Heidi's nub butt when she shakes it. I sorta miss not seeing a tail wag tho.
Their nubs are part of the Pembroke Corgi. Yes they should dock them.
I always heard that the docking of tails was started because of taxes put on dogs. Dogs without tails/docked tails were not taxed.-
Why did tail docking start?

The practice of tail dockïng started hundreds of years ago, when people were far more complacent about the welfare of animals than they are today and it became common in the Middle Ages in Britain and Western Europe. Many theories have been proposed for the beginning of the practice; these include Tax evasion, Rabies prevention, prevention of back injury, increase of speed for the docked dog as well a method of prevention of tail damage due to fighting. Some breeds of dog and cat are born without tails or with stumpy short tails due to a genetic abnormality similar to Spina Bifida in humans. Normal littermates of these breeds were usually docked to make the breed conform to a uniform appearance. Welsh Corgis are a good example. The Pembroke Corgi is occasionally born without a tail or with a short stumpy tail and littermates are usually docked. The Cardigan Corgi on the other hand has a long bushy tail and the different requirements have been written into breed standards with time.

my PWC was born with a perfect sized nub so I never had to worry about it. As far as I'm concerned though, its not necessary anymore and is more of a cosmetic practice. If I had the choice, I'd take the dog as is. I'm into corgis for the dog, not the breed standard.

My Corgi is a rescue and has a tail. She is so cute and adorable when she wags her tail. It is such a lovely part of her and her personality. She moves around with it with no problem and is quite agile. I don't see why anyone would want to cut off or remove the tail; that just seems cruel. Nor do I see why anyone would want to own one without its tail. 


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