I just wanted to ask if anyone else that has a Tri-Color Pembroke gets the same questions as I do! Now don't get me wrong, I love it when people come up to Jiji and I when we are walking, asking to pet her and things like that, I used to do that before I had a corgi, because I just loved them so much! What I don't like are people that keep coming up to me asking me if she is a mixed breed corgi, because of her Tri-Color coat! I usually politely say that she is a purebred Pembroke, and that they do in fact have these colors at times, but so many people argue with me about the fact that she has to be mixed with Beagle or Doberman Pincher, because of her coloring! I was just curious if this happened to anyone else? I have always seen more Tri-Colored corgis over Red and Whites, but maybe I am wrong? Attached is a picture of my 4 month old girl, Jiji!

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I've gotten the beagle and sheltie comments too! Thankfully no one seems to argue with me though.
Here are some pictures. The first is a comparison of one years difference. Taken at 7 months (top) and 1year7months (bottom). Then at our first agility trial last weekend!

Oh my goodness! Your baby is so beautiful! I love Tris so much. They are so amazing! I have been thinking about doing agility with Jiji when she is old enough too!

I've had 2 red headed tri's, Arthur and now Duffy.  Never had that kind of experience.  Perhaps being male, 6' and close to 270lbs makes the difference.  I've had people who didn't know what they were but never anybody argue with me.  I do explain that Duffy and my other corgi, Jake (a red) are both corgis just different colors and the different colors that are possible.  I think it's difficult for them to accept because they are wildly different in body type.

Wow they are both so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you!  THey are both rescues as  was Arthur.  We got Duffy from a shelter in Stowe VT.  He was so depressed it took a month for him to learn to play for the first time.  He's not the brightest light in the harbor but at 7pm every night he comes over and lays on my feet and starts talking: pet me time!  Jake is one sharp boy!  Nothing passes him by!  He's up for everything.  One in a while he needs a lesson in pack order but that's easy with him.

The picture is from a corgi meet.  This is the first year where they are always side by side.  In years past they would go their separate ways at the meets, beach or parks.  I also take them to rehab homes, etc.  THey are very calm dogs.

Our Abbey is also tri  colored. I never had questions about her coloring but ìt does not surprise me that there are folks out there who would! lol     This is a picture of our girl.,.


I know! I think that Tri colors are very special, and I knew when we were looking for a corgi a Tri color was what we wanted! She is so pretty! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

I get that a lot with my guy, Forbes. Nobody necessarily argues, but when they ask, I tell them that he is indeed a purebred and that tri-color is recessive in the breed (I could be wrong, honestly, but it's what I say to explain why they may have never seen a tri) and that usually the fawn color is the more common one.

I have never actually had that happen.  Your girl is gorgeous, looks just like a corgi to me. ;)  People are probably just not familiar with the breed.  I used to work very close to my house and ran to my job and then back home...in the meantime I had left my corgi outside to play.  When I came home there were people parked in my yard watching her play.  I was so freaked out, but I found out later the wife was wanting a corgi and was just looking at her.  I quit leaving her outside alone.  Our yard is fenced, but I love her so much.  This is my Mandy:


Funny you should ask.  I was just asked that question for the first time a couple of weeks ago & I've had my guy almost 7 years.  I was at the dog park and I always get some question about him there, always friendly since we're all dog lovers there.  And, I had the same thought, I see more tri-colors too maybe because they are my personal favorites, although I love all corgis.  Here's my guy at Christmas last year.  Just waiting for his treat!  :)

Our team of tri girls in the team event at Clonmel last year. Sally, in the middle was pregnant at the time and had Nine puppies - all tri and this produced the UKs first DM clear pups, we had 2 clear 6 carrier and 1 affected. 


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