My little boy was born with a tail and the breeder kept it because of new laws being prepared in our country. Soon no docked dog will be allowed to dog shows. I must admit, that I like the pems without tails a bit more. That's the reason why I'm interested in natural bobtails - pems born without tail (or with just a small bit of tail). I'm planning to get one natural bobtail in the future. I found this site, which can be interesting for corgi lovers.

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My Roxie has a beautiful tail that is admired everywhere she goes. Would love to find a breeder in CA that doesn't dock tails!
My boy Sarge is a natural bob and I love it. Stumpy tails on corgi pups are just the cutest. I do prefer the docked look of the Pem, although I also love the long fluffy tail they have. I think in the picture I loaded of Sarge playing in mud you can see his little stump.
What an interesting article! My Sparty has the look of the old style corgis and has a natural bob tail. I love his little stub and it wags beautifully!!
Hi all.. Corgi's are beautiful, wonderful dogs with or without a tail! Our little girl, Morna, Pem tri color, (born Thanksgiving Day, 2008) has a tiny nub of a tail that came with her. The breeder's vet said it was just a little cartilage. It still manages to "wag" but b/c her whole back end is involved in her wagging, I had a hard time deciding that the nub wags in addition to the back end.
It did not occur to me that this was an issue. I'm going to the link you provided and see what it says.
Hi there, I find this group facinating because my family and I have been wondering if our Lucy's a natural or a botched dock.

any feedback?
Could be both, I guess...

I wish I could tell you, but I don't know...all I know is that that has to be one of the most adorable tails I've ever seen!


Dante has a natural dock that is the same length, only his doesn't have the puff of hair on the tip.

I know this is an old post, but I just found an article about corgi tails. There is a possbility that tail is natural


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