There can't be just the two of us!

Maybe over the summer we can meet half way or something at a park to let the little ones run off some energy.

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I live outside Rochester, I won't have my Corgi until July, but I know some people in the area who have corgi picinics and stuff in the summer. I think they often have play dates and stuff too. Let me know if you want more info. Where do you live?
That sounds great - we are always up for a road trip! I know one other Corgi family, but they claim that their corgis don't like other dogs. They used to have corgi picnics in the Rochester area, and this past summer I e-mailed the breeder that used to run them and she said she had some medical issues and could not do it anymore. :-( There are a few people here that are on the meetup site that want Corgi meetups (3 including myself) but you can't get their contact details without starting an official group, and I am not sure what sort of legal stuff you need to look into before you become an official moderator of a dog group... could be scarry if you think about it. Anyway, I am always amazed at the shortage of corgis around.. everyone I run into with mine says how much they love them, yet you never see that many around here. I always look at the cute videos of corgi meetups and am so jealous! We'll have to make one of our own... even if there are just a handful of us, it will be worth it!
Danielle - if you have any other info to share that would be great. Lincoln's family lives more toward Syracuse, but I am in Rochester. Congrats on your baby comming in July!
We live near Albany NY but in the summer we could always manage a roadtrip for a play afternoon somewhere between here and Rochester ... Syracuse maybe?
I think a meet up would be great. We love to travel. Maybe we could join up with some Northern PA folks as well or something. We are planning some camping trips around Syracuse, but our little one won't be coming home til August I think. We could plan some get togethers maybe for around Rochester and then some around Syracuse as well. I am keeping my eyes and ears out for more Corgi families in the area to have join our group. In the summer there are 2 families around Bloomfield that have son's that play babseball where my son does, I will talk to them when I see them too. They both got their corgis from Ontario, NY. I wish there was a nice dog park around here. My husband and I just went to Florida and we saw a GORGEOUS brand new dog park that was awesome. Rochester needs something like that. What area of Rochester are you in again? We are in Farmington, close to Eastview mall. We go to green lakes in Syracuse area to camp, lots of fun!
Hi Danielle,
I think Lincoln's family camps near Syracuse too. Let me know if you know of any nice dog-friendly campsites. I live in Greece, but I work right down the road from Eastview mall, near Powder Mill Park. I am actually on the Monroe County Dog Park Committe to. We will soon have four beautiful dog parks in the Rochester area. If all goes well, the first two "should" be open next summer. We have a meeting at the end of March, so if you are interested I will keep you posted on any events or fund raisers we schedule for this year. In the mean time, I highly recommend the Rochester Small Dog Playgroup for socialization. This group meets just about every month at various locations around Rochester. They try to spread them out from the East and West sides... our last one was out your way in Fellows road park, but the next two are scheduled in Irondequoit and Greece. In any case, the website for the group is: if you want to check it out.
Thanks! Please keep me informed of the progress on the dog parks. I would be willing to help with fund raisers too. I will also look into the small dog playgroup. It sounds great!
Hi from another "Rochester" corgi person! I live in Irondequiot with my 2 pems, Harmony -n- Jaxx.

Take care

We are near LAke George.
We're about 30-40 minutes North of Syracuse.
Algy and I live just outside of Buffalo NY and would LOVE to see some corgi meet ups that we could join in on! I hope we all haven't given up on the hopes of keeping the dream alive!!


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