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corgi lover
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
About My Corgi(s):
he is named simbay. he's a happy fun little redhead.
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At 2:31pm on March 14, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Just a quick hello to you and the boys! Cheers,
At 12:06pm on February 22, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Cheryl; have you joined the Corgi's Remembered group yet? In memory of your wonderful Biscuit maybe?
At 2:39am on February 7, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Hola Cheryl; go Colts! go Saints! I guess if I cared enough I'd pick New Orleans just because. Thank you for the chocolates also; mmmm good thing they're virtual; ) Elk are abundant around here I believe; they are game for hunters and they are also ranch raised for meat; poor elk. The Indians call/called them Wapiti which is a popular title for businesses and such here. We sometimes get very cold weather for weeks at a time and no one wants to go out into it either. We all hibernate; go from indoor garage to work and back home and the must have from November to February is a remote car starter! And a 50" Plasma. The days are short (the longer daylight savings time has helped tho) so it just seems cold and dark for months on end. waaaaa. After all is said and done though, it beats living in a place like Haiti or Afghanistan; lots of immigrants here from Asia an so on so I guess we should thank our lucky stars
after all. Enjoy the game. We will probably watch too. Adios!
At 8:46pm on February 6, 2010, Carol Powers said…
We'd love to be snowbirds too someday, but you know how it goes; gotta plan for those things - one of my aunts and her husband winter in Los Cabos with their 5th wheel every year. And they live in British Columbia, on a beautiful lake in the mountains for the other part of the year. It's funny how you say you work then go home and that's it; well isn't it the same for everyone everywhere - who would have thought? Lucky you, you are already in paradise. Singing moose on a golf course, at the Jasper Park Lodge just can't stack up to living the dream in Florida - trade you places for awhile! Chat with you again soon.
At 11:20am on February 05, 2010, Carol Powers gave cheryl rodriguez a gift
At 11:55am on February 4, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Seriously, did you live up here? Banff!? Now they have some serious snow up there. And yup, it's all very real.
Oh, isn't that tempting with little Hank. Corgi's are really hard to find around here There are a couple of (good) breeders, one very close by. I think the website says they only do 1 litter a year, or something.

I'm really afraid of cancers in the purebreds now. Honestly, I'm spooked. Lymphoma and environmental causes? Yardley got into a toxic pond once and stupidly, I did not bathe him when we got home. This was at a dog park outside of town which was built on top of an old dump. I can't believe I took him there. But everyone was out there. It was a really lovely dog park. They have since fenced off those ponds and put up warning signs around them. A woman who was out there with her dog shouted at me once "Keep your dog away from the pond. My dog got really sick after being in it". I don't know what she meant by "really sick". I will never know. His cancers came up after that.

Anyhow, it's all too much of a downer! Time for some happy : )
At 11:48am on February 4, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Hi Cheryl; i think I missed putting this block of text in our thread; not sure so I'll paste it in here; it's from about a week ago. I put it on my own wall - dOH! At 12:33pm on January 28, 2010, Carol Powers said… Thanks for the compliment on the yard Cheryl. It's small. And isn't it funny, to us the desert is gorgeous! The heat, the dry hills, the palms (love the palm trees). I'm sure your home is amazing. Florida. I can't imagine, that is the tropics. Practically the caribbean! This Rimadyl; I have seen it discussed somewhere recently. I am not sure what it is. Well, they're all pill pushers and even the holistic ones are pushing their own versions (as we know very well). I am so sorry to hear you have lost 2 dogs - I assume they were both corgis (?). I won't take any of these vets totally at face value anymore, and unfortunately the dog can't tell you how he is feeling and it becomes a real art to assess how they're doing by just looking at them, watching their behaviour. Unfortunately these deadly conditions are so far advanced by the time they show any signs at all. Wouldn't you agree? Both of our "kids" died at home, overnight. It's not good either way, but we had no chance to rush them in to the vet to have to put them down anyway. However, the fact that they were so far advanced in the disease is so distressing; how much were they suffering the last day? We paid thousands and thousands in for the best care and we still ended up with a very bad scene in the end also. You did your very best. You used the resources you had and you tried to save them. That is all we can do. We did holistic with Yard and although we got twice as long with him as we were told we would have, we have so many doubts now. But we would definitely feed another dog the way we ended up feeding him. The chinese herbs? We don't know about that.
At 12:32pm on January 26, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Hi Cheryl; nice to hear from you. You're working too much, are you? Good for you!

Nice pics; I finally have a handle on who's who in your dog family. The little Japanese corgi that you adopted is nuts? Ha! So was Yardley, for about 4 years! After he calmed down though, just an awesome smart critter. He loved to bark though. A good strong deep bark; however he did a lot of whining too, when he wanted his own way. I think I just described a young child : )

You asked how much snow we have; about 8 to 10 inches I would say. It's actually very pretty I think. Allan disagrees, he hates winter; but I always wonder why people who hate winter live this far north? We love Las Vegas and Palm Desert but not much possibility of relocating there, so might as well enjoy the lovely snow...
At 12:25pm on January 20, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Oh, it's quite recent then for your Biscuit. When you bond that closely with your pet, it is just like any other loss. I have been doing some reading online re; pet bereavement and also checking out Amazon for books. Lots of great resources on the subject which I'm sure you know. We lost Heidi on July 12, which was the first big trauma for us, my 23+ year old torti (just after Michael Jackson died; I had been having this really uneasy feeling, and then we lost her); I really thought god would spare us Yardley. He was seemingly doing incredibly well. It's such a long story - I need to get a condensed version ready; but I tend to ramble and drone on about it - but I did actually call the complaints officer at the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association due to my concerns with the last 2 weeks of Yard's life/illness. It was a botch. Anyhow, people just think you're mad in general about the death; but there were some aggravating circumstances - I think we all really rely on these professionals to stay on top of things, especially cancer and we had been reassured that he was fine. Nothing at all to get carried away with...see what I mean? Lonnnnnngggg story : )

Which pics are the ones of B?
At 12:52am on January 17, 2010, Carol Powers said…
Please don't apologize, believe me I understand all to well what you're going through. When did Biscuit pass away?

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