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Injection Reaction

Mischa had to go to the vet today, third or fourth visit I think, for a shot. She was perfectly fine while we were in the office, but the minute we got home she started drooling like crazy. Grandma called the vet back to ask if it was normal, and they told us to come right back. So, we did. And as soon as we got into the parking lot, Mischa hurled doggy kibble all over the towel I was holding her with. She got a second shot, a pill and we were sent on our way. She's been a little off all day,… Continue

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My family went on a four day vacation, and Mischa stayed with one of my grandma's co-workers. Sadly, said co-worker has a young daughter and Mischa hasn't given up her biting. She's home now, but I can't help but wonder how she behaved with Carrie's daughter... But, she's gotten bigger and can jump up into the house from the patio now. Luckily, she's also learning that going to the back door means potty-time and is sleeping through the night. (Yay for me!) She's currently trying to eat my… Continue

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Things Get Easier With Time

We finally got over to PetSmart and grabbed a few things for Mischa. Turns out she loves the Greenies Pill Pocket treats (though we don't hide pills in them. We wad them up so they can fit in her tiny mouth.) And because of those, we only had one accident in the house yeasterday! We also picked up a leash and collar for her (both from the cat side of the store, the bell helps keep track of her) and a training book for me. So far today, she's been a perfect angel and is watching the Incredible… Continue

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Help With New Puppy?

I just got my little Shorgi, Mischa, about a week ago, and she's the first puppy I've ever had to deal with. So far, she has a habit of peeing and pooping in the floor and likes to eat anything within her reach. I've looked online for training tips, but all of them seem to shout "one size fits all," which, let's face it, isn't usually true. Can anyone give me some tips for training her?

Added by Reix on July 31, 2009 at 7:56pm — 5 Comments

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