Mischa had to go to the vet today, third or fourth visit I think, for a shot. She was perfectly fine while we were in the office, but the minute we got home she started drooling like crazy. Grandma called the vet back to ask if it was normal, and they told us to come right back. So, we did. And as soon as we got into the parking lot, Mischa hurled doggy kibble all over the towel I was holding her with. She got a second shot, a pill and we were sent on our way. She's been a little off all day, sleeping more and moving very slow. Today was not a great day for her. :(

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Comment by Jane Christensen on September 27, 2009 at 10:23am
I had a pup that left and her 2nd shot(this or the 3rd is when reactions usually happen) she had a very bad reaction. I would also notify the breeder as my vet said the chances of a litter mate having a reaction also is higher. I emailed all my puppy owners and per my vets suggestion told them to let their vet know and to buy benadryl and you and your vet can decide if you want to give it before or just watch! I understand that if they have a reaction they will always have a reaction. None of my other pups had a reaction.Yes, I would hang out in the vet office for awhile!
Comment by Beth on September 26, 2009 at 10:21pm
So sorry to hear that. Some dogs do have injection reactions. Make sure to remind the vet whenever you go back for future shots. I believe (could be wrong) that they can have you give her Benadryl before hand in future. They'll also probably have her hang out in the office awhile to make sure she's ok after future vaccinations.

Also, some shots are more likely to cause reactions. The lepto shot, for example, is more likely than others for some reason, and if your dog does not frequent areas where wild critters urinate and there is no outbreak among dogs in your area she may not need it. My dogs get it because they go in the woods and drink from streams.

I hope she recovers quickly!

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