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Learning bad habits from cousin Caicos

Today I came home to frustrating news. After a long day of work I came home to find a throw rug hanging outside with a bottle of Pee Pee Be Gone next to it. I knew immediately Nemo must have had an accident. 

As it turned out, it was not an accident. It was intentional. Nemo has been ringing a bell to go potty for a couple of weeks and he hadn't had an accident since. Even before that, every accident he had was right next to the door. 

My husband tells me that Nemo gave almost…


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Nemo has a habit of chewing or scratching on the carpet under the dining room table while we eat dinner. Tonight I interrupted him by giving him a "come-sit-down-stay" sequence. While he was in his down by husband googled whether or not dogs can eat Brussels sprouts. After Nemo's good stay he was rewarded with one. 

He immediately went frapping crazy. He raced around the house and played with it for a good five minutes before he finally ate it. You would think I had given him…


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Cow Bell

So Nemo has been a dream when it comes to house training. We have only had a handful of accidents and they were all because I was slow reading the signs. 

In my own defense his signs can be a little vague. Usually he sits in front of the door and sometimes he will bark. But he also likes to sit in front of the door even if he doesn't have to go out, particularly at night when he can watch the bugs. 

To help make his signals more obvious, we hung a cow bell on…


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A Break In the Routine

Every night that we are home, Nemo's routine is more or less the same. 

7 pm: Raise hell and get into just as much trouble as possible.

8/9 pm: Collapse in heap while mom and dad watch TV.

11 pm: Resist all of mom and dad's attempts to wake me up and take me out for a pre-bed pee. Yawn and roll over. Lay on back and moan. Repeat for at least 5 minutes or until picked up and carried outside.…


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