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I don't even know how to process all this happy at once.

Not only has Ziggy played with another dog, but I got him to play with a toy just too!:D

I just O_O I'm gonna keel over, I am way too happy!


It was very lucky, he got into one of his "PLAY TUG-O-WAR WITH YOUR HANDS WITH ME!" modes, and I was close enough to the toy box to reach over, snag a toy, and replaced it.. At  first, he wasn't too sure, but he started to really get a grip on it.…


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Ziggy played with another dog! It was crazy! They ran around, jumping at one another, Ziggy in full derp mode!:D I feel like I could fly, I'm so elated:D

What's weird? Ziggy wanted to play more than the other dog. I mean, that wouldn't be very weird, except for the fact that Ziggy never wants to do anything!! 

At first, it was him hoping around me, playing tug-o-war with my hand when then the other dog in the house, Shadow, came around to see what all the noise was…


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Corgi Pup on Anchorage Craigslist

Purebreed Pembroke Welsh Corgi



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Time Flies

MY CL kitty n my CL Corgi.. Yesterday, it was two months since Skiski passed and four whole months since Ziggy came into my life.. A happy and heartbreaking day all at once.. RIP Skittles. I miss you. You and Ziggy are my babies:) I love you both.…


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Oh noesD:

Sooo.. I dunno if it is just my browser being stupid.. But has CorgiAddict been removed from Tumblr?D: The only reason I ask is my stupid browser has been on the fritz lately, allowing me to open CL ads that are deleted to everyone else, etc. Anyone else having this problem?D:

I can't get on, this is what it shows me: …


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