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Thank you.....

Once again, thanks for all the birthday wishes. My wife and I are retired and little Betty is the center of our lives. We look forward to many more years with our precious girl. I am sure that all the folks here who are "owned" by a corgi or corgis know what I mean. Betty sends her thanks as well and sends a slurpy kiss to all her friends.

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Today is our precious girls 10th birthday. May her remaining years be happy. God knows she suffered enough during her early years. 

Betty we love you dearly. Mommy and I can't bear to think of a day without our sweet girl.


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Thanx Guys

Betty Boop and her Mommy and Daddy thank yall for all the kind posts. She wishes to assure you that she is happy (and spoiled). She would say more but she is eating a chicken breast at the moment. Yum!

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Our Precious Daughter

Today is Betty Boop's one year anniversary. She came to us a year ago and has enriched our lives immeasurably. We hope and pray that she has found love and contentment here with us old folks. She will turn 10 in a couple of months and we pray that the remaining years make up for the first 9 years of horror and indifference. We love you dearly Betty Boop. May we be worthy of your love as well.

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Thank you....

Thanks to the web master for finding my blog page when it got "lost". Now I can continue to ramble on about the merits of the incomparable corgis.

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I am a Dog

My wife and I rescued nearly 2000 dogs over some 45 years. Dogs became a very important part of our lives.

My Mother lost her husband of 65 years some time back and she was left alone in a big empty house ... except for a little silver bundle of fur named Rolf. Rolf was their Mini Schnauzer. She and Rolf were constant companions. Then the pain happened. Rolf had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure. They had known and loved one another for the better part of 15 years. I held Rolf…


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She's Happy .... Now.

Thanks to all the folks who commented on Betty Boop. Yes she is a happy little girl now, but her story is far from pleasant.

We have had Betty since April of this year. She came to us as a fearful old gal (9 years old). Her first few years were years of torture. Not abuse ... TORTURE. After many cuts, broken bones and heartaches, she retaliated and bit one of her tormentors. The father took her to the vet to be put down. The vet took one look and gave the guy a choice: surrender the…


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