how to care for your special corgi on a 'low' day

Court went out this morning for a 20 minute or so walk, maybe a little more.
it's 3:15pm and it's been 6 hours since he was out...
he has a little goop coming out of one eye which is decreasing in amount,
he ate grass this morning (was at friends yest eve and ate some of her
dog's beneful), and has eaten no food otherwise.
an hour ago i stopped answering the phone, he looks at me to determine
why i'm not answering it (at least I think so). he's napping more than
most days...but he's up for rubs and cuddles and kisses.
I feel under the weather...I have so many emails to answer,
planning medical care for my stepfather, i have boxes of things
from my recently deceased grandmother that need to be gone thru,
and i want to lie down but i need to take Court out.
Most challenging is: my Shark cordless vacuum started sparking
out of the battery compartment. I opened it and tried to disconnect
the wires from the battery (it was not on when it was sparking, though
i had just rolled it out of the closet)...that scared the pants off me,
and then also my fibromyalgia is a big stiff and achey today,
and i can't vacuum with the big vacuum which requires extra
brushing of the rugs to get my sweet corgi's hair up.
anyone else have bad days and feel they are not giving their corgi
enough attention or maybe even things they need?
I feel guilty, if i could i would not do anything but go be next to him
finish watching a movie that has sat there for a few days,
and maybe nap...
perhaps i could erase some emails, they are generally not life or death...
well, any thoughts?

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Comment by Sailor on June 6, 2008 at 12:57pm
Leila, I finally joined this website. If you EVER need someone to take Court out for a walk during the evening or a weekend - I would absolutely love to do it. and I know Patrick would love to as well (he's available most days!). He loves your Court so so much.

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