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Richmond, Virginia
About Me:
In Honour of all Animals, and in Gratitude to Court, my Therapy Dog who
is bringing me back to life, here is a link to this past weekend's (Oct 5, 2008) Blessing of the Beasts. Court is the featured pet in the foto, blessed.

(Foto taken by Court's rescuer Pat Pearce in Oklahoma)
I am a first time corgi owner, and I credit my sister who has loved corgis, for sharing that love with me. We had dachshunds growing up (Pepe, Schatzi, Chutzpah; I had a cat, as well, named Agamemnon, and in college I adopted a rescue cat, Frieda, who later stayed in the country with a friend, much happier, when I moved to the city).
Formerly, losing a pet made it nearly impossible to get another. My heart felt like it had been stretched to the max. But as I came to love my friend's and family's pets, I realized that allowing other pets into my life grew my capacity for love even bigger!
I worked with refugees resettling here in Richmond, Virginia for 6 months before I got my own 'refugee'/rescue corgi!
I am loving, even when challenged by lack of sleep(he barks when thunderstorms begin, during and end; or very cold or hot temperatures:), getting out many times a day to walk Court, meeting other dogs, their owners, watching nature change and being more aware of the seasons. Adopting a dog meant that my history of going off on retreat to various meditation and other places was now transported to the rich life retreat with my sweet corgi, in an apartment, on drives, at parks, at a Diamond Dog House.
My parents are both from abroad, and being first generation American and feeling an imagined isolation, I am truly feeling connected to the world now, thanks especially to Court.
I am single and am open to being in relationship again, also thanks to Court and the many other dogs and owners and people I meet because of Court...
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
Website:, http://ww...
About My Corgi(s):
In February my Viennese grandmother, who I was very close to, became hospitalized and her health 'deteriorated'. I had started looking for a dog, and had always wanted a Scottie, however the rescuers for Scottie's that I found (on stipulated that the dog have a yard and/or be adopted by a previous Scottie owner.
Next choice: corgi. I don't know how it happened, but within a couple days of the search, Court (in the same foto as the profile foto) appeared
at the top of my search results list. How do we know, as I did, that that
doggie felt already like a special friend to me. I read his history:
He had been found about 7ish months, beg Nov. 2007, shot in the hip and abandoned, running alone and injured. A vet treated his hip, and one can hardly tell there was such a serious injury. He then went to Pat Pearce, a well-known corgi rescuer, who wrote the chapter on corgi rescues in
the book, EVERYTHING CORGI (whose proceeds benefit CorgiAid).
Application ok, he flew to me from Oklahoma City to Richmond within
a few hours, and there he was, brought out to me and my sister (who documented the 'union'!) in his crate, happy, sweet, and licking our
hands...The rescuer named him Court, as he had another name similar she didn't like...because I had been in an accident and I am still involved in court cases, the name was a perfect happy spin on the situation!
After I got him, he was officially named:
H.H.(His Highness), Court Maria von Wembley (Maria for the poet Rainer Maria Rilke) and von Wembley, because of the UK/Anglo-saxon connection, Wembley being a huge stadium in England where a LiveEarth concert was held.
Things I've learned:
PATIENCE: at first there were many things to teach/guide him to do or not do. I was trying to train him in way too many things at once, so I slowed it down with help from other corgi and dog owners, and over the last 3 months he has unlearned or nearly unlearned any difficult behavior and learned safer ones.
I love him so much. at first his devotion to me was painful: he still follows me around the apartment, if only to sit down and immediately get up again! He has a sensitive stomach at times, and it seems to be better if he gets a splintering chew toy, that I not only watch him, I put it away rather than leave it available to him on the floor.
At night he tends to begin sleep at the foot of my bed: sometime in the night he comes up close to me, head near my head, so in the morning I take time with him and give good 'scritches' and rub rubs, and lightly rubs his cool nose on my hand or on my nose!
Isn't it great to walk with them? esp. when their heads are held high and the feet are scurrying almost like walking on air.
I met Sailor, a corgi girl on this site, as Erin (her owner)'s boyfriend
spotted me and Court as he drove landed me and Court not
only dear friends, but Patrick works at a fun daycare place,
and Court has become so well socialized as a result of going over there regularily. He loves the water, and the Dog House knows it and obliges!
Living through the first coat blow was an experience. Just like with children, learning what to do, not do is a humbling experience.
He loves to ride in the car and run free at my friend Mary's, with her cattledog/pitbull mix sweet Scylla in her big back yard.
Sweetest of all is watching him play with Sailor, another corgi.
well I can write more.
Love to all of you corgis and corgi lovers out there! Peace in the world thru corgis!
I have:

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Courtie's birthday!

Posted on February 11, 2009 at 1:28pm 5 Comments

Well, he is about 2 years old. I found him on 1 year ago we are taking a magic carpet ride into space this morning after he ate a squirrel for breakfast (a cookie shaped like a squirrel:)...) corgi kisses to all from courtie court

how to care for your special corgi on a 'low' day

Posted on May 20, 2008 at 3:22pm 1 Comment


Court went out this morning for a 20 minute or so walk, maybe a little more.

it's 3:15pm and it's been 6 hours since he was out...

he has a little goop coming out of one eye which is decreasing in amount,

he ate grass this morning (was at friends yest eve and ate some of her

dog's beneful), and has eaten no food otherwise.

an hour ago i stopped answering the phone, he looks at me to determine

why i'm not answering it (at least I think so). he's napping… Continue

Sitting in the front seat of the car?

Posted on April 27, 2008 at 8:20pm 11 Comments

This may well have been visited before, but I am trying to do the right thing, by getting some opinions.

I have a Volvo wagen. In the front the seats are separate with an arm rest in the middle.

Court likes to try to sit in my lap and look out the window, or have his hind legs on the

back seat and his front paws on the arm rest, of course during turns etc, he may lose his

footing....I bought a seat beat/leash for him: it's a leash that has a seat belt insert, that… Continue

Is it possible to get a 'Daily Digest' of postings in my email box?

Posted on April 11, 2008 at 10:23pm 1 Comment


I'm here with Court on a cooling evening after low 80's weather!

We got an evaluation so to speak at the SPCA on how I can

work with Court on basic commands as well as giving more

opportunities to exercise.

SO: I have not been on this site because it has been a busy time,

but also, if I would get some daily connection to the site/group,

I would view it more, learn more, maybe post more...

IS it possible to get daily Emails from… Continue

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At 8:48pm on July 8, 2010, Nancy Geddes said…
Dearest Courtie Court: How much you are missed. Simply put. All our love and invitations forever: Nancy, Bear, Tasha and Linus
At 4:49pm on June 5, 2009, Katelyn said…
Cute cute cute corgi!!!!
At 8:03pm on December 14, 2008, Candy said…
Hi, I apologize for such delayed response! Ive been so busy and has forgottent o occasionally log on to the site. Im not sure what ACE is and I am also not sure about the green pigment with the conjunctivitis you referred to.
Bonni is the one that gets the conjunctivitis. I noticed that she is more prone to allergies than is Faye. But allergies for dogs, I assume is similar to humans. They may not have it before, and will develop with time, but will also go away with time. For several months, Bonni developed skin allergies, and I couldnt figure out what it was. Along with the skin allergies, she had eye allergies too. Always watery and mildly red. The skin allergies was finally resolved by changing her diet. Changing her food to one with less allergens- Natural Choice. As for her eyes, it still gets watery. Based on weather, and what she has been doing (ie. playing with other dogs, rolling in grass, water exposure, etc). For every time, the eye allergies get bad (ie very watery, redness, discharge), I giver her Poly-Dex eye drops, one drop in each eye once a day for 5 days. And then as needed.
I try not to give it unless she really needs it bc it does contain a steroid agent in there, and that can be bad with prolonged use or use of high dose.
Its prescription only and its used to treat conjuntivitis that may be due to infection. It has 3 ingredients: Polymyxin, Neomycin, and Dexamethasone. The first two are antibiotics, and the third is the steroid that helps with the inflammation, redness, itching.
That usually do the trick for Bonni.
Hope that helps Court.
And thank you for you kind words. Let me know if u need anything else. :)
At 1:52am on November 16, 2008, Wendt Worth Corgi's said…

At 7:29pm on September 29, 2008, Pat Pearce said…
Court - you are one lucky little dog. and I know you are well loved. Stay well and keep things lined out.

At 10:32am on September 18, 2008, Indy said…
Hi Leila, apologies for the delayed response! I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-T70 camera. I love the pics of Court in the pool :)
At 10:16pm on August 7, 2008, Mandi said…
Hey! I was wondering if maybe you wanted to try to get Roxy and Court together at an area dog park sometime? Roxy's older brother Oliver the Cavalier would like to come play, too.
At 3:11pm on May 20, 2008, Erika said…
Hey I got the picture from my breeder. Her website is That photo was from last year with her very first litter of pups and I got Arby.
At 7:59pm on May 8, 2008, Court said…
oh i meant would someone want to start a single corgi owner's group? single all around the world:). Sam says you just have to press 'groups' and start one!
At 7:56pm on May 8, 2008, Court said…
hey any single corgi owners out there? anywhere! would anyone be interested in starting one? Sam said it's easy (if I had immediate time i would...anyway I'm a single corgi owner, with this handsome young man to my left here named Court. I've met 2 couples in Richmond, Va here with corgis...I love to watch corgis play together, it's my new best thing!

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