Is there such a thing as too much cuddling?

Kara is such a lover. She really isn't overly fond of her toys, and she has quite the variety. I am wondering if this will change as she gets older or if some dogs are just not interested in toys much. I really want to teach her to play fetch, it's something my kids would play with her quite often. My original breeders dogs would play fetch with the kiddos all day if they could and they all had so much fun. It tired out both the dogs and the kids! LOL. I wish there was something I could do to encourage her toy enjoyment.
Also, she is so people oriented, when I let her out of her crate in the morning or after I get groceries, I take her potty, then we come in and I expect her to want to run and play but she sits at my feet and wimpers until I pick her up, then she plays on my lap or curls up and falls asleep. I am happy to hold her as is my DH, but is this a bad thing to do too much? I've never had a dog that was such a lap lover. I worry that maybe if she is too obsessed with being held that maybe it will cause more separation anxiety when I have to go places without her. On the other hand, I love the fact that she is so cuddly. It makes me feel good that she would rather be with me than get down and play. AS long as it's not doing any harm to her like preventing any emotional growth.
Last thing, I would like to start taking her for a short walk, is this okay since she is only 10 weeks? We live on a quiet cul-de-sac. I was thinking about walking about 4 houses down then turn around to start with. I think she is getting the rest of her puppy shots on Friday.
All is well overall and we love her a ton!

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Comment by seganita_8 on May 21, 2008 at 3:52pm
Suzy is definitely more independent than cuddly. She does from time to time, but more often she'll try to cuddle with my cat than with me! Her favorite toy right now is the Buster cube that you put the kibble or treats inside. She is obsessed with it. She doesn't always understand that when the cube stops making noise that means there is nothing left inside! Her other favorite thing to play with is something that my boyfriend got her... it's a plush tree stump with squeaky squirrels that go inside it. I hide the squirrels and her chewies inside and she takes everything out. Both toys are nice for keeping her busy!
Comment by Stephanie & Lola on May 21, 2008 at 3:27pm
The day I got Lola, I picked her up and she never wanted to get down all day. I showed her around the house, the backyard, and her toys and all she wanted to do was cuddle. Although she has gotten more independent, during the day when she takes naps she will always try to sleep in my arms on the couch or when I'm on the computer. She whines for me to pick her up all the time. She also has to sleep right next to me at night, on top of my pillow lol. Maybe I spoiled her a little toooo much, but I love her cuddling with me :)
Comment by Laurie on May 21, 2008 at 3:07pm
Our Corgi, Sophie loved squeaky toys and to play fetch, while Rosie loves to chase balls and play soccer. Rosie will fetch balls back most of the time, but sometimes she likes to play keep away. Our new baby, George, hasn't quite figured out what toys are all about yet. He will play a little bit with them but he would rather play with Rosie. Rosie loves to cuddle and George is too busy to be bothered with be cuddled and loved although we still pick him up and hug and cuddle him. Maybe when he gets a bit older he was let us cuddle him more.
Comment by Bridget on May 21, 2008 at 3:05pm
My baby Lucy is acting the same cuddle bug way! She does run and play with our boys and it wears her out, but she comes to me too and has fallen asleep in my lap a time or two.

I am having trouble finding toys she likes! She didn't like the little purple kong like football with teh edible nylabone that goes through it. Even after I smeared a little peanut butter on it she woudn't touch it. Maybe too strong a rubbery smell? She does like the soft fleece tug toys my boys braided up for her and the short bully sticks. She'll chase after a squeeky toy thrown, but after she gets it...that is the end, she drops it and isn't interested in it any more.

I can't wait until she can fetch too! I read somewhere that if you have two of the same toy (like Orlandmom said) they want the one you have. I may try that soon. I think Lucy is still settling in here on day 3.
Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on May 21, 2008 at 1:19pm
Hi, when we got Lance at 14 weeks (he is now 2 1/2) he didnt seem interested in fetch. We did work on it with him and he loves fetch now. He has different variety of balls. He has 2 footballs, 2 baseballs and all different colors from planet (Spoiled isnt he!) He will even entertain himself with one in his mouth and pawing at the other ball. When you play fetch always have more than one ball, it seems to keep them interested. We have such a collection now we keep them in a bucket. Lance will go and dig them up himself. When we began fetch we would give a small piece of food when he dropped the ball.

When we took Lance to training our trainer said that when you leave the house you should not make a big deal about it as well as when you come home. If you do make a big deal about coming home and leaving that can create seperation anxiety. When I come home from being out Lance is in his kennel and he will just wait calmly until I let him out because I never rushed over to him and made a big deal out of it. I wish that was the case when we have company over! He gets so excited when we have company over.

Oh yeah and Lance does like to cuddle too and then when he has had enough he goes and finds another spot to lay. I like it when then cuddle. You will be fine she is still little Lance wasnt too interested in ball at 14 weeks but he sure is now! I hope I helped, good luck.
Comment by mikonami on May 21, 2008 at 12:59pm
awww...that's so cute! i never cuddled with my pup, and now she hates sitting on laps or being held. =(

i think short walks should be fine. i never got mei to play fetch although i tried to use treats to get her to bring it back. i always thought she wasn't into it because she's a herding dog. i'm not the best trainer though... ^^;;;
Comment by Stephen on May 21, 2008 at 12:59pm
We got Cruise at 11 weeks and I started him on short walks(just up the street) almost right away..he now loves walking (he is 5 months old now)

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