Well, today is day 4 with Kara. It's so funny, the first 2 days she was so laid back I thought it was a miracle! Now she's developed into this little tazmanian devil, racing through the house and the yard like her nubby tail is on fire! She's quite the people "person". She always likes to be wherever we are, she follows us to the bathroom, the kitchen, you name it. We just love her so much! Potty training is going okay. She's only had I think 3 accidents inside in the 4 days. I think that is pretty remarkable for a 10 week old. She's learning "sit" really well, and she's trying really hard not to bark at and chase the resident cat. She loves to be held. I hope she stays that cuddly for all her years. Shs is so precious. I am hoping that her crate training at night will improve. She will go in it for meals, to get her toys and stuff like that but like any baby, she is having a hard time settling in at night, then after her 2am potty break it's worse, she wants to play and be with us. I've tried putting a travel crate beside the bed and that really didn't change anything. Guess I could use some advice on that. Over all, we are one big happy family!

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Comment by Karen & Bailey on May 20, 2008 at 6:52pm
yea and i usually kept quiet too. i remmeber hte first few nights hed have to go potty in the middel of the night, id hear him whining - get up- take him out. say go potty - if he went "good boy" if not, then just bring him up back in the crate - no playing, etc. After a week, I remember, Bailey was sleeping sound through the night. They have to learn they can't wake you up to play - if they wake you up - its only to go potty- thats it!
Comment by Charlie on May 20, 2008 at 5:40pm
Hi Danielle,

Sounds like things are going very well for you and Kara. If she's not settled, you want to ignore her (as best you can) and she should get quiet in a bit. You can dangle your hand down near her crate so she can sniff you, but talking to her or making any vocal noises will get her attention and a reward for not settling. (Don't know if you're already doing that...just a thought.) An old t-shirt in her crate, as Karen suggested, is a good idea too. I'm sure she'll get into a good routine and be sleeping through the night in no time. : - )
Comment by Karen & Bailey on May 20, 2008 at 5:07pm
Hhahahaaha bailey did that too - he LOVES people and the nub goes WACKO when hes exited. Hahah Bailey loved to be held as a puppy - even so now, but not flipped over unless hes on the ground for a belly rub - He used to not mind me cradling him stomach up in my arms - but now will struggle if you do it!. =P but hes still such a sweetheart! =P

As for settlng in at night - you might try an old t-shirt (that has your scent). I heard that works the best. I tried Bailey's mom's scent-rubbed towel, but he just peed on that… =X lol.

And yay you named her Kara!!! (I voted for that!) =)
Comment by Bridget on May 20, 2008 at 4:43pm
Oh how exciting! We brought our 9 week old Lucy home last night and have been amazed how calm she is. Now I wonder if it is just being new....

She slept in a crate for the first time last night beside our bed. She did so well, that we are seriously hoping she repeats last night's great sleepathon. Maybe she was exhausted from the drive, playing the yard, and all the new stresses that she was able to sleep through.

Having trouble getting her on a schedule since the breeder was free feeding and only paper training. Well, it will be a learning experience for us both. For example, today I had her outside for a couple of hours playing in the grass, on the pine straw, etc. hoping she'd go potty. Then when I needed to go inside and do a bit of work without her, I crated her and she cried. Thought it was because of the crating, but then when I checked to make sure she was ok....puddles. Sigh. So, now I am timing things and trying to help her succeed. We'll make it.

She is a dear little girl and we are all smitten by her. Our two boys wanted to stay home from school today with her, and I don't blame them on little bit!

Good luck with your darling baby! I will be eager to hear of her adventures!

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