Hi everyone!! It's been forever since I've been on here and posted, things have been pretty hectic for me. Two weeks ago, Dally competed in only her second AKC agility trial to finish her Novice Standard title and to attempt a 3-for-3 sweep.

We started out strong, with three jumps to the A-frame. Once I sent her up the A-frame, I went to the other side to meet her, when I heard the entire crowd gasp. I then heard Dally scratching her way up, looked up and saw a pair of ears appear at the top of the A-frame, then they disappeared....then her eyes appeared, and then disappeared. Finally, she scrambled up and over the peak (as you hear the entire crowd cheer for her tenacity) and you see a look on her face as if she was saying, "Shew!!!" (Poor thing must not have had enough momentum to go up and over the A-frame for some reason--we're fixing that.) The only other bobble was on the table that called for a down--but Dallas thought sitting was a better idea and didn't feel like laying all the way down, until she figured I was serious about it. We finished the course clean and stopped the clock in the nick of time (standard course time was 80 seconds, we stopped the clock right at 80 seconds=no time penalty). Even with the slow time, we won our class (helps we were one of very few dogs in the day to Q and go clean), which completed our 3-for-3 sweep of 3 runs, 3 first places, for our Novice Standard title!!! Her registered name now has gotten longer-- Fronter's Honkytonkbadonkadonk NA

Our next agility trial is in Corydon, Ind., May 31-June 1, where we'll try to finish our Novice Jumpers With Weaves title (only competed in it once, for a 1st place and Q--another possible 3-for-3 sweep), and enter our first Open Standard courses. After that, we'll be in Lebanon, Ind., June 6-8 (only showing 6-7 though). Our next CPE trial isn't until mid-July.

Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon!!!

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Comment by Jackie & Jake on May 22, 2008 at 12:52am
Congratulations!!! She sounds like an agility pro!! =) and good luck in Ind.

P.S. I love her registered name!!

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