Oh how Willow loves the summer time! Hangin' out at the lake and barking at the skiers behind the boat...crazy girl! Everyone in the extended family has a dog... so besides Willow the Corgi there are 2 Schnauzers, 1 Labradoodle and 2 Cocker Spaniels that sometimes visit, all in ONE house!! Next door there is another black Lab and all around the lake - everyone has a dog!!! Sometimes Willow gets scared because all the dogs are so much taller than she is so she goes for cover under our bed upstairs and snoozes away the lazy day! But when she is in the boat, she is on high alert for skiers or just 'stuff' to bark at! She is such a 'herder' that she tries to herd the kids as they jump off the 'toon' to swim or as they run around playing a game of tag. Ah, I remember those days and nights playing "Base Tag" till midnight...now our children are playing those wonderful summertime games with friends! Awesome!!

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