Gibson is 9 weeks old today and he's been with us for 10 days!

He is still doing really well. He can be a brat, but is a good learner. He already knows sit, come, lay down, and his name (although I think he thinks his name is 'good boy!' too). We're starting to work on leash training, but I think the leash we bought him is too big/heavy. I just can't wait to take him on walks to work off some of his energy and stimulate him with new things. I also tried to put a dog tag on his collar today, but I think it was too big/heavy for him too! When he'd sniff the ground it would scrape against the floor and then he'd just try with all his might to get the thing in his mouth to bite it off. How old do they need to be to put tags on them? I just don't want anything to happen to him if he got lost :(

He's doing wonderfully with his potty training. He sleeps through the entire night in his crate (my alarm wakes us up), and he even let me sleep in on weekends (I'm knocking on wood while I type all of this)! He's had a few accidents, but they were mainly when I would leave him alone when I should've been watching him. Otherwise, he's been going to the door to be let out, or looking at me and barking.

He plays a lot and likes to chew on anything and everything. He's learned not to chew on wires and other items of ours around the house though...although mommy's shoes and slippers or for sure for him to eat! He started frapping the other night and it's hilarious, he'll run circles in the backyard and around our coffee table like a mad man. I love it since that means he's probably going to pass out soon ;)

We had one scare last week.. He puked quite a bit on Wednesday night. Not sure why...He still was playful and wanted to eat more, and his poops were normal.. He was fine the next day *shrug*. It might have been that he ate something that needed to come out (he loves eating everything in the yard) or that I need to go slower in transitioning him from puppy chow to canidae. We'll see, he's been fine since then.

EDIT: Forgot to mention..he has some serious temper this normal? It's like when he's really tired he runs at my feet and grows and then will bark his head off at me to play with him and will squirm and whine if i pick him up..I really hope it's something he grows out of..and if not, something I can teach him not to do :(

Well, that's his first week update! His first vet visit with me is Thursday, and I'm looking forward to it, haha :)

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Comment by Kerby (the human) on September 3, 2008 at 12:03am
Lucy is demanding too and she's 8 months old. I've heard/noticed that corgis are bossy dogs (its the herder in them). I'm sure if the demanding to play really gets to you he will catch on quick when it is okay to play and when it is not. Along with that is the holding part. When we got a new dog I wanted two things a dog that swims and a dog that cuddles (my elder dog is neither of these). Lucy loves to swim and cuddle, but only on her terms. I'm sure Gibson will be begging you for some love when he needs it most. Just think you are loving on him soo much he feels like he might burst :o)

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